The struggling to memorize something? This is how a cup of Coffee can help one to learn

March 25, 2021

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The struggling to memorize something? This is how a cup of Coffee can help one to learn.

The struggling to memorize something? This is how a cup of Coffee can help one to learn

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In the world of health and wellness. Coffee does not enjoy a good name. Excessive coffee intake can make something untidy the mood. It leads to anxiety, insomnia and in the long term can be a reason for an irregular heartbeat. But not everything about this caffeinated beverage that very much harmful.

Time and again it has been proved. That caffeine can help us in some way the other. According to new data, the cup of java can increase memory power. It will help one to remember the things for the long term.

How our brain works

It has been found that coffee can repair the broken strands of DNA. Deoxyribonucleic Acid can help one to memorize things quite easily. Li-Huei Tsai, Ph.D., the Picower Professor of neuroscience. Director of the Picower Institute for Learning and Memory at MIT.

He has explained that every time we learn something new. Our brain cells break their DNA. Creating damage that the neurons must immediately repair. The problem is as we become old. The generation at which these repairs take place and slow down.

Causing memory loss and other relating to cognition damage like Dementia. With aging, the efficiency of the DNA repair system is diminished in function. It is leading to the gathering of damage. This gets even worse if the person is suffering from any kind of genetic condition.

How coffee can fix this issue

The latest finding reveals out that regular intake of coffee can fix this issue in older adults. By just repairing the damage faster. In a study published in the year March 2016. In the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research.

The scientists shared the information that drinking coffee can help to reduce the process of DNA breakage. It can repair the damage within two hours.

The study

For the study, the team from the University of Kaiserslautern in Germany. Gave around 200 milliliters of coffee to 13 healthy males four times over the eight hours. After this, they took the blood samples of all the participants to judge their DNA undivided.

It was observed that the DNA breakage reduced within two hours. After consuming a cup of coffee. Within eight hours, the rate went down by 30 percent. Then levels before the experiment.

The limitations

In several studies, it is carried out previously. This has already proven that drinking coffee may have some health benefits. Coffee not only increases the brainpower. But it can also help to fight type 2 diabetes, liver disease, and also breast cancer.

This study also achieves permanent acceptance of a relationship between drinking coffee. The repairing of DNA strands, but still, more investigation is needed in this area.

How much the coffee is too much

If one is drinking coffee regularly. Make sure the quantity is not too much. Typically a cup of coffee should be 120 or 150 ml. But nowadays coffee mugs are 200 to 250 ml. It is a huge quantity and can be harmful to health. One should not have more than 2 cups of coffee in a day.

If hot boiling coffee does not suit the stomach. Then have a cup of cold-brewed coffee. Cold-brewed coffee is less acidic.

So, this is the important information on the topic of The struggle to memorize something? This is how a cup of Coffee can help one to learn.

Drinking a cup of coffee per day is not a health spoiler thing. But intake of an excessive amount of coffee per day is Heath hazardous. So, I prefer not to drink coffee too much per day. But can drink two cups per day.

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