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Invincible fortitude 9 Best Hilarious Think Mark Think Meme



Think Mark Think Meme: are the best things to come out of films and television shows, and they usually appear out of nowhere. No one could have imagined that the enigmatic Omni-Man bellowing “Think Mark!” would become a now-legendary meme as the bloody superhero series Invincible reached its climax.

List of Invincible Perseverance 9 Best Hilarious

Think Mark Think Meme

Despite this, the “Think Mark” meme, like the media it is based on, has become a hugely popular and humorous meme. In truth, the memes on this list are just a small sample of the tributes to movie and television moments, redos of famous memes, and good old laughter that the meme has sparked.

Killquip’s Comic Accuracy

The strange thing about adaptations is that many fans obsess over minor details. The vilrumite Omni-Man cries “Think Mark, think!” before beginning into his long-winded diatribe in the Invincible comic. In contrast to the comics, he only says it once in the episode.


It’s something that user killquip points out, making light of the situation by mocking other meme makers that get inspiration from the comics rather than the television. Regardless of whether it’s with one or two thoughts, the meme is still humorous.

Unknown’s Math Homework

At some point in their lives, everyone has had the experience of asking a parent for help with a school assignment and having the parent try to guide them to the correct answer. Omni-Man isn’t the type of father you’d expect.

Imagine Omni-Man shouting at his superhuman son, Mark, to carry the four or multiply by seven to obtain eight as a regular dad, and you’ve got a meme. Perhaps Omni-Man yelled at Mark to concentrate on his studies before crushing his head in.

What Will Infinity War Look Like According To SIRoA?

While many of the “Think Mark” memes feature captions or ridicule ordinary life, many of them are parodies of great movie scenes or characters. SIRoA is one of the best, with Thanos and Iron Man among its members.


Instead of Omni-Man and Mark, Thanos screams at Tony for everything he’s done for a single drop of blood in the meme. It’s a fantastic take on the scene that, like so many other parodies, gets a lot of chuckles.

Vantage point CalluColorGod

Aside from the Marvel world, the Star Wars galaxy has spawned a slew of memes. Memes abound, from Obi-Wan and Grevious to Ashoka and the Clones, even Invincible managed to sneak in with one by CalluColorGod.

Anakin must have known how high Obi-Wan was on Mustafar and still attempted to leap behind him. It makes the meme’s notion and concept, as well as the original incident and its context, much funny.

Consider Mark and Singlamoa.

In the world of movies and television shows, there are almost too many Marks to list, and one of the most memorable Marks belongs to The Room, which is widely regarded as one of the worst films ever made and has spawned a slew of memes, one of which was created by Singlamoa.


The scenario is turned into an almost terrifying yet hilarious show in a meme with Tommy standing over the broken Mark, swearing on his innocence.

Dad, I apologise. Shaquille O’Neal Oatmeal2

Memes, like comic books, can have a lot of crossovers. Classic memes frequently find their way into modern memes, where they are intertwined and blended. With the think and “are you winning son” memes, Shaquille.oatmeal2 took advantage of this.

The two memes almost mix together, with the generally helpful and happy father becoming angry and forceful on his youngster. In fact, it’s a near-perfect analogy of Mark and Omni-tumultuous Man’s relationship.

Consider Mark. Logantheknight is a fictional character.

When asked who the worst villain in Invincible is, most fans assume it’s a super-strong character. However, other admirers, such as logantheknight, believe it is Amber, Mark’s former girlfriend.


Amber believes that her superhero lover needed to spend more time with her, despite the fact that many people disagree. It’s normal to desire a companion that is always there, but neither of them actually articulated their difficulties to the other. Since the show’s premiere, many fans have mocked this strange incident.

Consider Sauron. Jaszczyq’s contribution

The majority of Invincible-inspired memes focus on Omni-speech Man’s alone, rather than the aftermath of the quote. Jaszczyq goes over and beyond with this great meme depicting Spidey defeating the enemy Sauron.

Spidey chastises Sauron by informing him he can cure cancer and asking what else he has, just like in the comic, but a little more violently. Sauron, of course, responds with “dinosaurs,” a witty but ludicrous response that fits his persona and the meme nicely.

Consider Parker. By an unknown author

J.K. Simmons, for example, is without a doubt one of the more recognisable actors in Invincible. Simmons is best known for his role as J.Jonah Jameson, a role that an Unknown memer hasn’t forgotten despite his appearances in films such as Whiplash and other voice roles from Legend Of Korra.


The perfect meme is created by pitting a much more wicked Jameson against Peter, which takes the show from so many others. The difference between altering J.K.’s duties from Omni-Man to Jonah is barely discernible.

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