Tomeka Thiam: All You Need To Know About Akon’s Wife

November 10, 2022

American woman Tomeka Thiam, who became famous as Akon’s wife, is Tomeka Thiam. He is a Senegalese American singer-songwriter, record producer, and entrepreneur. Tomeka is a celebrity spouse and also owns a Buckhead beauty salon.

Thiam, Tomeka’s legally married wife, is Akon Tomeka’s only legal partner. The couple have been married for many years. The businesswoman has four children with her husband.

We will, however, try to get as much information as possible about her personal life. To learn more about Tomeka Thiam, Akon’s wife, click the link below. To get all new updates follow

Tomeka Thiam Biotomeka thiam

She was born Tomeka Robins in July 1975. As of 2022, she is 47 years old. Tomeka Thiam was born and raised in the United States of America. She is American citizen.

Tomeka is not a regular speaker and does not like to talk about her private life. This means that very little information about her childhood is available.

Her mother’s name, Kine F Thiam, is how we can talk about her parents. Her father’s information is not yet available. We found out that she has a younger sister, Nikia Bruce Abdullah, who is probably the same age as her.

She also has a aunt Lavish Quinones Miller and two relatives, Alice Peterson and Willie Survive, which she mentioned on social media.

Full Name Tomeka Thiam
First Name Tomeka
Last Name Thiam
Profession Celebrity Wife
Nationality African
Birth City Senegal
Birth Country Africa
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Akon
No Of Children 2
Height 171 cm
Insta Profile

Tomeka Thiam Husband Akon

Tomeka is currently married with Akon. He is a Senegalese American singer-songwriter, record producer and entrepreneur. His songs include Locked Up and Smack That. He also has I Wanna Love You.

Although they kept their nuptial details secret, the couple is reportedly together for over 24 years. Tomeka and Akon don’t like talking about their private lives. The lovebirds have managed to keep their private lives a secret.

The couple has walked together so far that their relationship has grown stronger. There is no sign of separation.

Tomeka Thiam children

Four children born to a husband and wife who have been together for more than 20 years and are still happy in their union. They have two sons and two girls.

At 21 years old, Alioune gave birth to her first child Alioune. The couple welcomed Jhavor, their second child, in 2001.

The 47-year-old became the mother to another child, Journey, in 2006. Although the distance between the three children of Mrs. Thiam are almost identical, Alianna was born in 2007 within one year.

Los Angeles, California is home to the family of six. All six children are grown-ups and most have completed high school and college by now.

Akon, her partner, has three other children with two women. Rozina Negusei, with whom he had two children, is one of them. The identity of the other is still unknown.

Tomeka Husband Multiple Relationships

Despite Tomeka’s legal marriage to her spouse Akon, he is gossiped to be engaged with multiple partners. Rumors circulated that he exchanged vows with more than four women, yet, nothing is clear.

In fact, the singer himself has admitted having polygamous beliefs in many interviews. However, he hasn’t revealed the identities of any of his wives yet.

He also shared his thoughts with TMZ 2013 in which he declared monogamy stupid. He said,

“Women weren’t made to have more than one partner, but men are. As males, we are natural breeders by nature. It’s not possible to escape it even if we tried.”

In an interview with Larry King, the “Smack That” singer also stated that men can have multiple partners while women cannot. Although he admitted that he doesn’t believe in monogamy, akon said if his partners did so, he wouldn’t accept it. Akon also stated that his wives love him as he is.

Is Tomeka joining “Real Housewives Of Atlanta”?

Rumours that Akon’s wife Tomeka Thiam will join RHOA for its new season sparked by rumors. These rumours, however, are wholly untrue. This may raise eyebrows, but Rozina Negusei, his girlfriend, is actually going to be part of it.

Love B. Scott, one of the crew members, revealed that his partner was part of RHOA season 14. The news was also shared by Love B. Scott on Instagram, clearing out the gossip. It was later deleted.

According to some reports, she wrote

“I swear I am legally married with Kon. “I’m very private and I don’t believe there’s a wife who isn’t legally married to Kon. These wives, whoever they may be, are ALL. It’s not ME!

Tomeka Social Media 

Tomeka Thiam, the celeb-wife Tomeka Thiam, is active on Instagram under the name “”, with over 5k followers. Thiam, who goes by the name “Tomeka Thiam” on Facebook is also active.

Tomeka Thiam Net Worth 

Akon’s wife, Tomeka, is the owner of a beauty salon. She makes decent income from this business. Tomeka’s estimated Net worth is to $500,000 to $1 Million.

Akon, her husband, has a net worth of $80million. Her family and the celeb spouse are living lavish lives.


Q. Who is Akon married to now?

A. Akon married to tomeka thiam.

Q. Does Akon have a child?

A. According to reports, Alioune Thiam and Alianna Thiam, a boy and a girl, born to Tomeka Thiam.

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