Tre Tre Thornton: Meet Young Dolph’s Adorable Children

October 19, 2022
tre tre thornton

Tre Tre Thornton, an American celebrity child, is best-known as the son of Young Dolph. Young Dolph, a well-known American rapper who is now deceased, was known for his contributions in pop culture.

This article will cover Tre Tre Thornton’s career, biography, age, death of his father, parents, siblings and net worth. There are also some other interesting facts about him that you might not have known. Let’s first take a look at his profile.  To get all new updates follow

Tre Tre Thornton Biotre tre thornton

Tre Tre Thornton, a well-known American rapper Adolph Robert Thornton Jr. (Young Dolph) was born in the United States on the 20th of Juni 2014.

He was born Memphis, Tennessee in the United States. Our research shows that he was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and was raised with Aria Ella, his younger sister. He is a member of the Afro-American ethnicity and has American citizenship by birth.

Name Tre Tre Thornton
Date of birth 20th June 2014
Age 8 years
Zodiac sign Gemini
Father Adolph Robert Thornton Jr
Mother Mia Jaye
Sister Aria Ella
Net worth unknown

Tre Tre Thornton Career

Tre Tre is a celebrity child, but he doesn’t have a job yet. He is only eight years old at the time.

Tre Tre was the son of Adolph Robert Thornton Jr (Young Dolph), a well-known American rapper. After he was shopping for cookies in Memphis, Tennessee, his career was over, he was shot.

Oh, and Rich Slave, his 2020 album debuted at number 4 on the Billboard Top 200. It was his debut album. Tre Tre Thornton and his mother Mia Jaye are both entrepreneurs.

Tre Tre’s mother, Mia Jaye, is an entrepreneur and owns “Shop Memo,” a US retail brand. Mia Jaye describes her fashion brand as “a fashion brand that believes fighting for social causes as important as being a best Mom, CEO, and Homemaker.”

Mia Jaye, currently the matriarch of Young Dolph’s family, graduated from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor of Science degree in Real Estate Finance in 2012.

Tre Tre Thornton Parentstre tre thornton parents and sister

While Adolph Robert Thornton Jr (Young Diolph) is Tre Tre’s name, we learned that Mia Jaye was his mother. After a long relationship, Tre Tre’s parents got married in Memphis, Tennessee in 2012. Tre Tre Thornton’s mom, Mia Jaye, lost her husband in November 2021. She now lives in Memphis, Tennessee with her two children.

Is Tre Father Dead or Alive? Murder

Tre Tre Thornton’s father Adolph Robert Thornton Jr. (Young Dolph) was already dead at the time. Sadly. After a bullet struck him in the stomach, he died while buying cookies in Memphis, Tennessee. At 35 years old, he died on the 17th November 2021.

According to a report, Tre’s father Young Dolph was shot 22 times outside of a Memphis bakery. Concerning Tre’s murder, Cornelius Smith (32), and Justin Johnson (23), are two of the suspects.

The two murder suspects had already been arrested at the time this article was published. Cornelius Smith, Justin Johnson and their defense attorneys have entered pleas. They pleaded not guilty. The 24th March 2022 was the last time that the suspect appeared in court to face trial.

Tre Siblings

Our research has shown that Tre Tre Thornton is the only sibling of Aria Ella, who we have named Aria Ella. Ella, Tre Tre’s only sibling, should be five years old by 2022.

Aria Ella Thornton is Young Dolph’s only daughter and his second child.

  • Date of birth: February 24, 2017,
  • Age: 5 years old
  • Mother: Mia Jaye

Aria the youngest of Young Dolph’s children and his only child before his death, is Aria Ella Thornton. Although some reports claim she was born in April 2017, we were able to confirm that she was actually born on the 24th February 2017. She is now five years old. Aria was just five years old when her father died.

She was a young woman who struggled to understand why her father would not allow her to spend more time with him. Young Dolph was her tribute. Little Aria said that her favorite thing was playing with her dad. Young Dolph is still dear to her heart, and she will always think of him.

Aria, like her older brother Tre Tre Tre has most of her future ahead of her. Aria is a child with a lot to learn and completely depends on her mother. With that in mind, we can only tell so much about her. We don’t know where she goes to school, but she is clearly in the elementary phase of her educati

Who Is Aria Ella and Tre Mother Mia Jaye?

Mia Jaye is Aria Ella’s mother. She was a long-term partner of Young Dolph. According to reports, Aria Ella had been in a relationship with Young Dolph for many years. She shared that Dolph was a devoted father and that he had a kind heart.

She is a mother of two and runs Shop MoMeo, a retail clothing brand. Through the brand, she has embraced campaigning for social causes like #BlackLivesMatter and #BlackMenDeserveToGrowOld. This was inspired by Mia Jaye’s brother’s death in the same city/manor that her partner died.

According to what we have gathered, Mia Jaye has a college education. According to reports, she graduated from University of Memphis in 2012. She received a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Finance. Jaye, who was devastated by her partner’s death, is on a healing path and optimistic for the future.

Tre Age & Nationality

Tre Tre Thornton was a senior editor when this article was last edited on Thrill NG’s website. His birthday is June 20th. Gemini, his birth sign and zodiac, is also his birthday.

He is a member of the Afro-American ethnicity and has dark brown eyes. His hair is low-cut. Tre Tre is a native of Memphis Tennessee. He was born in the United States.

Thornton Net worth

Tre Tre Thornton didn’t have an estimated net worth at that time. His father, Young Dolph Thornton, had a net worth of $3million at his death.


  • Tre Tre Thornton was born in June 2014 in the United States Of America.
  • Tre Tre Thornton’s sibling’s name is Aria Ella.
  • He is still studying in middle school.
  • Tre Tre Thornton’s Father’s name is Adolph Thornton, and their mother’s name is Mia Jaye.
  • Tre Tre Thornton is eight years old according to 2022.

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