Troy Driver: The Fernley murder case’s proceedings have been stopped

September 5, 2022
troy driver

Troy Driver might be back in court months after killing Fernley youngster Naomi Irion. All death penalty court sessions are cancelled.

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The Fernley murder case suspect troy driver

troy driver

Driver faces sexual assault, robbery, and evidence destruction charges.

Irion vanished March 12 waiting for a shuttle. Her remains were located March 29 in Churchill County.

In July, Driver’s lawyers said he may not be competent to help or understand the case. Evidence hearings slated for Sept. 13 until he sees a psychiatrist.

It’s a standard evaluation, Driver’s lawyer stated Thursday.

Bolzle agreed.

A judge could be overruled without a client analysis.

The DA hasn’t said whether he’ll seek the death penalty for Driver, who has a death penalty attorney and a public defender.

Lyon County judge will decide the evaluation’s results. Upon Driver’s competency, Fernley court will resume.

The latest accusation came days after the Lyon County Sheriff’s office confirmed Driver was alive.

Lyon County Sheriff’s Office hasn’t shared call logs or statistics on Driver’s suicide attempts.

Davies wasn’t sure if his client attempted suicide.

“I have no proof,” he replied. “It’s a rumour,” I say.

He visited with Driver lately and said his client is well and the case is moving forward.

He trusts the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office to protect inmates.

Tammy Cartwright said she and Casey Valley will attend every court session for Irion.

“We want Troy Driver safe and to face justice,” she stated.

Rye said the defence may have material that isn’t public, and he didn’t oppose to their request to have a judge evaluate a psychiatric evaluation.

The evaluation could delay September 13-15 hearings. The court’s review of competency evaluations wasn’t clear.

Driver will testify in September. From jail, he attends court via Zoom.

Fernley murder case: Criminal complaint details

family members of naomi irion

  • Driver allegedly shot Iron in Churchill County.
  • Accused of bringing Irion to Churchill County from Walmart.
  • Between March 12 and 25, Driver allegedly groped a woman.
  • Using her car and other belongings, he stole guns.
  • He was accused of carrying a gun in a California march after a felony conviction.
  • Accused gun-toting driver.
  • Irion stole his 1992 Mercury Sable.
  • Driver may have destroyed or hidden records. Accused of dumping truck tyres to erase evidence.

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