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The True Cyan Three Colors Viral Optical Illusion Makes You See



True Cyan: Even though the human eye is quite intelligent, there are moments when you may fool your brain into seeing things that are utterly out of the ordinary.

We know from True Cyan that there are three main colours

True Cyan

That are three main colors red, yellow, and blue, and that all additional colours are created by mixing them. There are still some colour tints that are difficult to reproduce on electronic devices because they occur naturally.

What if we told you that pure cyan, a greenish-blue tint that is difficult to portray on television and is frequently diluted to a lower version, exists?


Netizens were astounded when they saw the vivid green-blue hue in an optical illusion shared on social media.

Kate Bacon, a TikTok user, made a video in which she promised to show people a colour they’d never seen before. “It’s called true cyan, and most TVs and monitors can’t produce this colour,” she explained.

A red circle with a white dot against a blue background is shown to viewers. You should stare at the white dot for at least 30 seconds, but the longer the better, according to Kate. After that, if you focus your eyes hard enough, you should see a ‘glowing orb’ that is true cyan in colour.

The spectator is instructed to stare at the white dot in the centre of the red circle as the camera slowly pans out in a similar film accessible on Youtube. By the time the video is finished, the genuine cyan colour will have appeared as a halo around the red circle.


On Reddit, the optical illusion has already gone viral with slightly altered instructions. “Look at the red dot in the red circle’s centre. The longer you leave it, the better (two minutes will give you a much stronger effect) “It clarified. ”

After a few moments of looking, you’ll notice a thin rim of light around the edge. Hold your breath for another minute while keeping your head totally motionless. Slowly turn your head rearward, keeping your gaze fixed on the dot at all times. The rim of the circle will light brightly with real cyan!”

After seeing the colour real cyan, netizens were ecstatic. “Now I’m seeing that blasted cyan circle everywhere I look,” one person remarked. “This is my very favourite hue,” wrote another.


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