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Trump Versus Biden’s Results | United States’ Presidential elections, who is winning


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United States Presidential Election Result

The examination of the United States presidential elections enters its final stretch in an environment of growing tension. Because to the public condemnation of someone of President Donald Trump of said fraud. With Joe Biden comes as the favorite.

Both Trump and Biden have been convincing of their victory. But it is the former vice president. He has the advantage in a race, which has turned out to be tighter than the election had advanced.

According to sticks out, all eyes are on the few states with Michigan and Wisconsin on Biden’s side. It will remain to have a winner in this Friday.

In particular, Georgia with 16 electoral votes and Pennsylvania with 20 votes. In both the states, Biden this Friday manages to exceed Trump in the arranging Count.

However, on the traditional Republican upheld of Georgia. The tight margin of difference between the two candidates will lead to a recount with a date to be defined.

In addition, the votes for Arizona with the voices of (11) and Nevada (6). On which Biden also led the provisional Count. The North Carolina with (15) votes that had Trump ahead remain unclear.

If Biden happens his advantage in Pennsylvania, he would already reach the 270 Electoral College votes; he needs to win the Presidency.

Also, if Biden won in Arizona and Nevada, it is one of two and Georgia.

Trump, meanwhile, needs to win Pennsylvania. Other two of the three, where Biden also takes advantage of Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada. Biden would need to keep North Carolina. There he has a slight corner.

Trump informs against fraud without the proof.

Stop the Count. Trump wrote this on Thursday, his Twitter account. There, his more allegations of said fraud have been marks as disinformation.

And on Thursday night, the president comes out again to speaks of said electoral fraud where he did not provide evidence.

If they count the legal votes, we win easily. But suppose they were counting the illegal ballots. They will try to steal the elections from us. Biden says in his second appearance since on the election day.

His complaints appear to revolve around the former vice president’s comeback once the mail-in votes began to be counted.

But observers point out that during the pandemic, it is normal for vote-by-mail to favor Biden. The president himself had criticized it and called on his followers to avoid it.

Trump turned the score around in Texas and Ohio, where vote-by-mail was counted earlier and slashed Biden’s lead in Arizona and Nevada.

Trump campaign files lawsuit for the court to stop counting in Michigan.
The president is again known to the judicial offensive to which he adheres. He has already told, that he thinks he will reach the Supreme Court.

His campaign team has already initiated legal action in several key states. In addition to announcing his intention to requests a recount in Wisconsin.

In Georgia, for example, the appeal formally over a complaint by a Republican observer. That 53 late-arriving ballots had been adding to on-time votes. The judge dismisses it.

The same happens with Michigan’s recourse to recount ballots cast in advance without the supervision of observers. From both the parties, when the Count practically over.

In Nevada, the Republican Party files a criminal complaint with the Attorney General, William Barr. For that, they were, say, thousands of individuals. Who votes after having moved their residence out of the state.

In Pennsylvania, a Federal Judge also rejects the Trump campaign’s request to bring the scrutiny. Orders the authorities to allow 60 observers from each party.

State officials claim that they never prevent the presence of observers. But to force out one of the Republicans. He did not respect the rules of social distancing due to the coronavirus.

In several United States cities, sympathizers of both the candidates also took to the streets to clearly shows under the opposing slogans like Count all the votes and Stop the robbery.

The first is uses by Biden’s Supporters. The second by those of President Trump, except in Arizona. There the latter asks for all votes to be counts.

They both look like the Winners.

On Wednesday, Former Vice President Joe Biden sees again to be confident of his victory.

In a brief television action in which he appears accompanied by his running mate, Kamala Harris. Biden clarifies that he did not indicate himself the winner. But that when the examination is over. We believe we will be the winners.

Already on Tuesday night, he said, It is not for Donald Trump or me to declares the winner of this election. It is the American people’s decision.

What do Trump and Biden need to wins the United State’s Presidential Election?

Why is it still unknown? Who won the United State’s Election?

Thus, Biden somehow anticipates what many suspects. That the president would announce himself officially the winner in the complete examination, as he did.

On Tuesday morning, and with the millions of votes yet to be counts, Trump says that he has won as far as he was concerned. He also compels on talking on a fraud for which he did not present any proof.

It is a fraud for the American public. Frankly, said we won the election. It is a colossal fraud. We are going to ends up in the Supreme Court, He told.

What Trump means when he talks about a “fraud” in the United States. Why his charges are unfound.
This Thursday, he again compels on the idea of ​​going to court. In addition, to continue his complaints on Twitter.

Trump has spent months disseminate doubts on the vote by mail. Insisting that should proclaim the winner should be declared on the same election night. It usually only happens because of the media’s act. The name that the loser makes, never by the responsible Public Officials.

In the last week, he has also questioned the Pennsylvania organization. It counts as valid mail-in ballots received within three days after the election as long as they were delivered within the deadline.

A spokeswoman for Biden’s campaign is called what the president said “Outrageous” and “Unprecedented.”

“Never before has a president attempt to deprive the Americans of their voice in a national election.” Jen O’Malley Dillon told in the statement.

” The count will not stop; it will remain until per valid vote is counts. Because that is what the laws say,” he adds.


The tense wait for the results has also generated protests that, in some cases, have needs the intervening of the authorities.

In Arizona, a group of around 200 people, some armed, gathered in front of the Maricopa County Recorder’s office. In the early times of the morning, after proven by evidence rumors on irregularities in counting votes. For Trump circulates through the cities, Social media.

The protest forces the intervention of the county sheriff’s office. The eviction of people who did not perform the essential duties. But did not breaks the count, which is to keep going.

In place of Portland, Oregon, the National Guard had to extend after a protest against Trump. Calling for all votes to be counts turns violent.

According to witnesses, some people separates from the leading group. They broke the shop windows in the city center. Police called the incidents riot.

In Minneapolis, police arrests more people after about 200 protesters blocks the main road. According to local media reports, the group has also protested against Donald Trump. His call to stop the vote counting.

Same protests were also reported in New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

In Detroit, Michigan, moreover, Trump supporters gather in front of a vote counting center. Strike on the windows, and shout in a loud, “Stop the count.”

How was the campaign?

After a campaign marks by political beliefs, the worsening of the coronavirus pandemic. Massive participation, especially in early voting. Trump, who attends without a particular government program.

Presents himself as the one person to save the economy while trying to convince their people that the end of the pandemic is just around the corner.

The president, who true to his style, gives no disqualifications for his opponent during the campaign. Forcing on accusing the former vice president of wanting to shut down the economy. To fight the coronavirus and planning a tax increase for everyone.

And it is that Biden, who had made the fight against the virus one of his flags. He also promises to correct the tax cut order by Trump. The income of more than the United States $ 400,000 a year.

Biden also promises to expand the health coverage for Americans. and a more active policy to fight climate change, although without reaching what the most progressive sectors of his party are asking for.

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