Truveta’s Big Data Healthcare Project: A Complete Look

November 29, 2022
Truveta Big Data

Truveta Big Data Founded by a former Microsoft executive, Truveta is a Seattle startup focused on big data healthcare. In addition to gathering data, the company aims to make it easy for experts to make sense of it.

Truveta uses machine learning to structure clinical data, so users can quickly get insights from it. The company has partnered with Amazon Web Services to provide its clinical data platform, which is built on the Azure cloud.

Truveta Big Data is a data company

Truveta Big Data

that collects and analyzes patient data, then sells the insights it gleans to health care providers and big pharma. The company’s mission is to create a data platform that allows for better health care and faster cures.

This platform enables clinicians, researchers and patients to share information, while preventing the leakage of sensitive health information. The company plans to expand its platform in the near future.

Truveta isn’t new to the healthcare industry, but it has recently made several strategic moves to provide healthcare cloud computing. The company is partnering with Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, allowing it to build its clinical data platform on Azure.

It has also expanded its roster of health systems to 25. Truveta’s total funding has grown to $200 million. The company was able to get a nice bump in funding in July when it raised $95 million in a series A round.

It’s also got a nice public-health component. It recently announced a new data-driven strategy for the University of California at Davis Health System.

In the world of data, there are a number of companies vying for attention. In recent years, venture capital firms have stepped up to play a bigger role in healthcare. One company, Truveta, has taken the lead by creating a data-driven healthcare platform.

Truveta Big Data is also known for its “data-driven” approach to delivering a personalized medicine strategy to patients. The company uses data to deliver continuous learning to researchers, clinicians and patients. Specifically, it normalizes structured and unstructured data types.

The company’s technology also de-identifies and aggregates patient data, allowing it to be used for drug development and AI/ML algorithms. The platform will be board-advisory in order to ensure that the data it gathers is used in an ethical manner.

Aside from delivering a clinical data platform, Truveta also has a slew of other data-related technologies. For instance, the company uses a FHIR model to deliver insights faster.

It also has a cool feature that allows users to graph the results of their analytics. Another feature is the company’s ESP matrix, which leverages data to rank companies. Among its other nifty-tastic products is its free health care outcomes analysis tool.

Truveta has also partnered with Google and Amazon. The company has a nice suite of analytics tools that can help clinicians, researchers, and patients get the most from their health data.

It also has the ability to normalize and de-identified patient data, and to create a real-time clinical data platform. These technologies are just the beginning, as Truveta has a long list of goals to achieve.

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