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Tsunade: Characters Of The Naruto And Boruto series



Tsunade: is one of the main supporting characters of the Naruto and Boruto series. She is one of The Legendary Sannin and is the Fifth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village.

After the war, she retired as a Hokage, and Kakashi Hatake succeeded her as the Sixth Hokage.

In the English version, she is voiced by Debi Mae West (adult) and Megan Hollingshead (child & young adult) in the anime, and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (video games). In the Japanese version series, she is voiced by Masako Katsuki (adult) and Haruhi Terada (child).


Who is the Character of Tsunade


As one of the Legendary Sannin and the Fifth Hokage, Tsunade is undoubtedly one of the most powerful ninjas that Konoha has ever produced. Greatly admired worldwide, Tsunade is reputed to be one of the most powerful kunoichis in ninja history.

She is a remarkable combatant and medical-nin and is also hailed as the world’s strongest kunoichi, which has led much younger kunoichi to look up to her.

Jiraiya commented that no one could stand equal to her in terms of combat and medical prowess. Her overall might was even acknowledged by Madara Uchiha, able to defeat one of the legendary Uchiha’s wood clone-Susanoo on her own.

Physical Prowess

Tsunade’s trademark ability is her immense raw strength, with which she can launch her targets several metres with a mere finger flick or create fissures with a single finger jab at the ground. An opponent struck by her attacks could suffer damage ranging from broken bones, ruptured organs, or even death, as Jiraiya learned from his perverted actions in his youth.


She was able to obliterate a large portion of Madara Uchiha’s wood clone’s body with a single punch. She could also crack the defences of Madara’s Susanoo’s ribcage with a single punch, bringing it down with a second attack.

The strength of her physical attack was acknowledged by Madara Uchiha himself to be stronger than the Fourth Raikage, whose lightning infused attacks are known to be extremely strong.

In the anime, when facing the Fourth Raikage in an arm-wrestling match, the latter had to resort to a feint to throw her off-balance in conjunction with his high-speed to defeat her, as he was being overpowered.

In one of the Ultimate Ninja games, Tsunade is shown to punch someone into a mountain so hard; the impact causes the lava below the surface to erupt; seeing the sight, she would remark, “Ma~ybe I went too far.”


In battle, Tsunade has displayed great speed, flexibility, and ferocity. She was able to incapacitate Shizune with a quick strike before the latter could react.

In her battle with Kabuto Yakushi, she showed enough skills to attack while on the defensive, giving the younger shinobi very little time to react to her attacks. She was also able to use the Body Pathway.

Derangement technique on him when he thought she was incapacitated, use her feet to counter Orochimaru’s sword moments after her hands were bound, and even intercept Manda mid-strike while lifting Gamabunta’s sword.

Before Mei could react, Tsunade intercepted all five of Madara’s flame dragons, dissipating them all. Likewise, Tsunade showed herself to be very


handy, able to attack from various angles, even while in mid-air, to pressure her opponents effectively. As a field medical-nin, Tsunade is reputed to be highly skilled in the art of evasion, skills she deems necessary for field medics since their healing abilities would be pointless if they cannot survive and be the last to die. These are skills and views she instilled in her disciples.

Her remarkable durability also allowed her to survive the life-risking Heavenly Transfer Technique with only minor injuries in the process. She was also able to recover from a Yasaka Magatama fired at close-range.

A further testament to this trait also allowed her to still move after having her muscles torn — something Kabuto noted was an impressive and praiseworthy feat no ordinary person could achieve.

While a medical-nin normally tries to avoid direct battle, Tsunade’s taijutsu has been considered unsurpassed, which she uses mainly to intimidate her opponents from approaching her to carry out her primary duties as a medical-nin.


She is a force to be reckoned with when entering battle directly, as seen during her assault on Orochimaru and Kabuto. She single-handedly demolished the entire landscape while attacking them.

 Life Force and Chakra Control

As a direct descendant of both Senju and Uzumaki clans, Tsunade inherited an incredibly strong life force and physical energy, granting her great durability, stamina and chakra reserves.

At the same time, as also a direct descendant of the Uzumaki clan, her life force is blessed with immense vitality and endurance, giving her the potential for an exceptionally long lifespan and allowing her to survive most otherwise fatal injuries in most cases, continue battling.

She also has a high tolerance for physical pain, as she was able to deliver a heavy kick to Orochimaru after being sliced in her shoulder and stabbed through her chest. To still land a powerful blow to Orochimaru. Throughout the fight with Orochimaru, she was able to push herself to fight on despite being tired and injured.


She was also able to continue fighting with extreme force against Madara’s Susanoo army despite being impaled through her abdomen with two Susanoo blades. Even after being bisected, she could still survive the ordeal, regain consciousness, summon Katsuyu. She survived long enough to start healing the other Kage, which she completed after Karin healed her under the orders of Orochimaru.

Due to her heritage, Tsunade was also gifted with immense supplies of chakra. She was able to simultaneously heal a large number of people with the help of Katsuyu over a long period without being fatigued.

Even more impressive than her chakra reserves is Tsunade’s control. From a young age, Tsunade excelled in all forms of chakra manipulation, even maintaining multiple techniques at once. Her innate talent allows her to gather her chakra from any part of her body with such precision and perform any technique to its maximum potential without any wasted chakra or timing.

Her signature ability with chakra control is to instinctively amplify her already legendary strength with chakra control to monstrous levels, allowing her to perform feats like causing gigantic craters with a simple punch or kick to the ground, launch Gamabunta’s tantō into the air and then guide it down right into Manda’s mouth, and she easily shattered Madara Uchiha Susanoo’s ribcage, its sword, and later knocked down a complete version of the Susanoo with single punches.


This is done by building up and releasing her chakra with precise timing upon impact, making it effortless for her to decimate any target.

The peak of her chakra control is her ability to form the Strength of a Hundred Seal, which allows her to store massive amounts of chakra on a point on her forehead and the release it; a feat that only Tsunade and her student have accomplished, further showing the difficulty of it.

Upon its release, Tsunade can either use the stored chakra to facilitate the activation of one of her techniques, such as the Creation Rebirth and Strength of a Hundred Technique, which makes her virtually immortal in battle or simultaneously heal and protect the entire citizens of Konoha from 

Pain’s Shinra Tensei is an example of a really powerful strike. She can also transfer chakra to others, as she demonstrated when she offered noki some of her chakra to help him with his large-scale project. Detachment of the Primitive World Technique: Dust Release


Techniques of Transformation

Tsunade’s Transformation Technique makes her appear as if she is still in her twenties, despite the fact that she is in her early fifties, as Jiraiya remarked. In order to dodge her gambling obligations, she effortlessly changes her age.

Tsunade’s transformation differs from other transformations in that it appears to be permanent, not dissipating when she is sliced or harmed, and she does not appear to need to expend any effort to stay turned.

She can keep her transformation going even when she’s sleeping. When she runs out of chakra from the Strength of a Hundred Seal, the change fades, and she reverts to her original appearance.

Ninjutsu for Medical Purposes

Tsunade’s fame stems from her ability to successfully conduct any treatment in order to repair and heal injuries that others would dismiss as impossible or hopeless. She can do so with little more than chakra and minimal instruments.


When she returned to Konohagakure, she rapidly repaired the psychological damage inflicted by Tsukuyomi, repaired the damage to Rock Lee’s spine, and countered the effects of the Three Coloured Pills on Chi, which Chza indicated would have been impossible if she hadn’t been there.

Tsunade is also known for her ability to create potent sleeping potions that are also colourless, to the point where she is the only person in the world who can spike a drink without a ninja noticing.

Tsunade can send electric waves into the opponent’s nervous system by striking the back of the neck, thanks to her incredible knowledge of the human body and her ability to transform her chakra into electricity.

This scrambles their electric signals and causes them to move in strange ways, such as when they try to move their right hand, their left leg moves instead, and so on.


This would typically render someone unconscious; but, a near-equal genius like Kabuto was able to regain control of his body after just a few moments of studying how confused signals function.

Tsunade has also demonstrated the ability to abuse medical ninjutsu and use it to injure, if not kill, rather than heal. She can easily cause internal harm or incapacitate a target with a single chakra-infused strike, as she did to Shizune when she tried to stop Tsunade from meeting with Orochimaru.

Tsunade can also make a chakra scalpel that may be used for surgery, inflicting internal lacerations, and even attacking internal organs.

Her Creation Rebirth method, which makes use of the huge amounts of chakra contained in her Yin Seal, is the most extreme illustration of her medical prowess: Release to manufacture new cells in her body on a constant basis repairing any wounds and even regrowing lost organs.


It grants her a kind of fighting “immortality” that even Orochimaru admires. The method, however, shortens her life span because cells can only divide and be generated a certain number of times. Tsunade only utilises Creation Rebirth in exceptional circumstances due to the dangers inherent with the technique.

This technique is regarded as the pinnacle of medical ninjutsu, and Tsunade developed it in order to safeguard individuals she cared about. She also devised the Strength of a Hundred Technique, which causes the seal to extend all the way down her body as an extension of the Creation Rebirth.

Any wounds Tsunade sustains while this method is active will heal instantly, without the need for hand seals or even conscious effort.

By simply resting her hands on Shikamaru, who was suffering from acute chakra depletion, she was able to heal him instantaneously.


Techniques of Calling

Tsunade has the ability to call a variety of slugs. However she has only ever been observed summoning Katsuyu. Spitting acid and breaking into smaller slugs appear to be the slugs’ principal powers. During the invasion of Pain, Tsunade was able to collect reports and transmit messages through Katsuyu, indicating that she had a mental connection with him.

Tsunade has the ability to distribute her chakra over long distances to a huge number of slugs. Tsunade is able to treat several injuries in different areas at the same time by allowing the slugs to spread out and attach themselves to wounded humans.

This method came in handy during the Invasion of Pain when Tsunade was able to save the lives of the villagers despite a terrible attack by enemy forces.


Tsunade is a capable leader, despite his careless or irritable demeanour. Tsunade is a quick thinker who is also keenly observant and analytical, allowing her to see most deceptions and rarely be caught off guard.


After reviewing the allotted assignment, Tsunade would usually select the best ninja available to form a team. She was able to examine and reproduce the basic mechanics of Kabuto’s regeneration technique in the anime, which helped to improve the chances of Rock Lee’s life-threatening surgery succeeding.

Her skill in all fields of medicine has earned her a reputation as the greatest in the world. She is credited for inventing the official medical-nin system, as well as the rules that govern it. From a single glance, she can tell what kind of injuries or illnesses (physical or mental) a person has.

Tsunade also appears to have a tremendous knowledge of poisons and herbal medicine; as Chiyo revealed during the Second Great Shinobi War, Tsunade was the only one who could perfectly neutralise all of her poisons.

She also has a tremendous understanding of the human psyche, as she was able to erase Itachi’s Tsukuyomi’s harm to Kakashi and Sasuke’s thoughts in a matter of seconds. Tsunade has also shown to be an excellent teacher, having taught Sakura and Shizune on her own and imparted much of her knowledge to them, resulting in them becoming two of Konoha’s top medical-nin and field support.


She has demonstrated tremendous cleverness in battle, being able to swiftly pick up on her opponent’s fighting style and battle routine in order to escape damage and plan her strikes accordingly.

These are attributes she instilled in Sakura during her training to help her stay alive in combat so she could heal her teammates. Her mental toughness is particularly significant since she overcame her paralysing fear of blood only through determination, which all witnesses thought was miraculous.

Other abilities

Tsunade is also skilled in ninjutsu and is capable of creating an S-rank seal that retains chakra indefinitely for a variety of reasons, including the use of high-level techniques like the Creation Rebirth method, which she invented.

Tsunade displayed notable expertise in a variety of other areas in the anime. When dealing with the Legendary Stupid Brothers, her genjutsu ability was sufficient to bind the incredibly strong duo at the same time.


Despite the immense distance, she was also able to send one of Katsuyu’s divisions to Team Three’s location using Space-Time Ninjutsu. She’s also a master in barrier ninjutsu, having created the Four-Corner Sealing Barrier from the ground up, which can seal a tailed beast.

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