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Uche Jombo Rodriguez- Nigerian Actress, Screenwriter & Film Producer



Uche Jombo Rodriguez : You’ve probably heard of Uche Jombo. But did you know that she’s also an actress, screenwriter, and film producer? And what’s her net worth? Read on to find out. You’ll also learn about her movies, her husband, and her net worth. Uche Jombo is one of the most successful African actors of our time, and she’s no stranger to the spotlight. Listed below are her net worth and movies.

Uche Jombo Wiki & Age

Uche Jombo Rodriguez

“What is Uche Jombo’s age?”she’ll be 43 years old. It is likely around 30 years is an important one for any aspiring actress or screenwriter. In addition to being an actress, Uche Jombo is also a screenwriter and a film producer. While her actual age is unknown. Her estimated net worth is also unknown, so you may be wondering what she is doing in retirement. To answer this question, we’ve looked at her career trajectory and checked out some of her most recent accomplishments.

Uche Jombo is a middle-class Nigerian. She grew up in Abiriba and has two sisters. She married Kenney Rodriguez in 2012 and has a son, Matthew. Uche Jombo and her husband have also appeared in the Netflix series “Blood Sisters.” She has become a popular actress with millions of Instagram followers. She currently has no age or height restrictions for acting, but her husband is a celebrity with a big ego, and she will not reveal that information to the general public.


Uche Jombo husband

If you are interested in the love life of a famous Nollywood actress, you might be wondering whether Uche Jombo is married to Kenny Rodriguez. The two are married and have one son, Matthew Chinedu Rodriguez. Their relationship is reportedly going well. In addition to their acting careers, Uche Jombo is also a writer and producer. Hence, it is no surprise that they seem to be enjoying each other’s company.

Kenney Rodriguez was born in Puerto Rico and married Uche Jombo in 2012. The two are now the parents of a son named Mathew. Uche Jombo’s husband is not particularly popular, though. But his relationship with the actress has brought him into the spotlight. The actress is not particularly popular, but her relationship with her husband has made her an extremely popular celebrity. Uche Jombo and Kenney are still a source of joy for the Nigerian community.

Uche Jombo movies

The Nigerian actress, screenwriter, and film producer Uche Jombo has a wide-ranging body of work. She is most notable for her work in Bollywood films and has also produced several feature films. Her work spans genres including drama, comedy, and action. Here are some of her most successful movies:

As a screenwriter, she has worked on a variety of movies, including “Afrika” and “Mr. Mumba”. Jombo was married to Puerto Rican screenwriter Kenney Rodriguez on May 16, 2012. They are the parents of a son named Matthew Chinedu Rodriguez. However, in 2017, Jombo and Rodriguez were reportedly separated. Her husband had previously told her that he was interested in acting but he wanted to be a screenwriter as well.


Uche Jombo networth

If you’ve ever wondered how much Uche Jombo is worth, you’re not alone. This talented actress from Nigeria has been racking up endorsement deals for years. In 2022, her estimated net worth is around $370 million. She was born on December 28, 1979. To put that in perspective, she’ll be 43 years old. In 2023, she’ll be 44, and in 2024, she’ll be 45.

Apart from acting, Uche Jombo has also produced films. Her relationship with footballer Ikechukwu Uche ended in 2012. In 2012, she married a Puerto Rican named Kenny Rodriguez. They have a son together, Matthew Chinedu Rodriguez. Uche Jombo’s net worth is estimated to be over $2 million. This figure is expected to rise further in the next two years, especially with the growth of her net worth.

Uche Jombo bio

If you’re looking for a Nigerian actress, screenwriter, or film producer, you’ve come to the right place. Uche Jombo Rodriguez’s extensive bio will give you an idea of her background and work. She’s been a leading actress in Africa for over a decade. Her diverse career spans across film production, screenwriting, and acting. Whether you’re a movie buff or a movie aficionado, Uche is sure to have something to appeal to your tastes.

The actress is well-known for promoting various brands on social media, including her own line of makeup. Her YouTube channel, launched in 2011, posts short clips of movies and has millions of subscribers. Uche Jombo has been in the film industry for years, starting as an actress and progressing to titles of producer, director, and screenwriter. Her diversified career has helped her create a successful empire. While her net worth may not be high right now, it will rise substantially in the coming years.


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