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UFC Sends Google DMCA Copyright Notice Over Illegal Streams



ufc streams

Pirates may have had a hard time finding illegal streams of UFC on Saturday night, and that’s because UFC has decided to strike at the heart of the beat: Google.

Zuffa, the parent company of UFC, sent Google a notice of copyright infringement (under the DMCA) the other day, asking Google to remove links to sites hosting illegal UFC streams.

That way, once 10pm rolls around, it’s not as easy as typing into Google something like “free ufc stream” and watching the fights for free.

Now, Google gets DMCA takedown requests pretty much all the time, so it’s not like Zuffa has done something unusual here. That said, this is a clear indication that Zuffa’s whack-a-mole approach to fighting UFC streams hasn’t worked as well as it had hoped.

So, cut people off at the source: Google.

While it’s easy to take down HTTP streams, P2P streams are slightly harder to combat, being that there’s no central server or admin you can contact to kill the stream.

You can pretty easily collect IP numbers, but unless Zuffa is looking to go the way of the RIAA, it’s pretty hard to kill streaming one IP address at a time. Zuffa has every right to try, of course, but it’s going to cost an awful lot of money.

One thing is certain: Zuffa doesn’t play games when it comes to protecting their IP, so expect this cat-and-mouse game to last for quite some time

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Inter vs Juventus 1 Milan 0: Initial Reaction and Random Observations



Inter vs Juventus

Inter vs Juventus is the most trending topic today Ever since he entered the lobby at Continassa, Filip Kostic has done one thing consistently: cross the ball. And then cross it again. And again. And again.

Kostic, of all Juventus’ attacking players, averages one of the fewest shots per game. His priority appears to be setting his teammates up rather than shooting himself in the foot.

On Sunday, however, it was his shooting that proved most valuable.

Kostic’s 23rd-minute strike had potential VAR controversy attached stood tall as Juventus held off Inter’s second-half comeback attempt with one of their most impressive defensive displays of the season.

No matter what Inter threw Juve’s way, their defense proved up to the task and then some. That was always going to be true once Kostic found the back of the net, and Juve played as well as anyone could have hoped they would after that goal.

Would achieve another goal have been beneficial to your blood pressure?

Would achieve another goal have been beneficial to your blood pressure?

On a night when Juventus hunkered down and allowed Inter to enjoy 69 percent of the ball, it was clear that Inter should have won by more than just 1-0.

Even with the possible points penalty that could be taken away within a few weeks, Juventus remains seven points off fourth place – not a European spot but just off it! That puts them in FOURTH PLACE right now.

(If the points penalty is reversed, Juve would be in second place behind soon-to-be Scudetto winners Napoli. That is different than our initial assessment when the penalty was first given. And yet…)

Juventus had a plan of trying to score an early goal and then execute defensively as well as they could. Given how well they counterattacked Inter, the final score could have been significantly different; but consider this: Juventus were going out with the intention of trying for an early goal and ultimately succeeding.

  • Inter had two and a half times more total shots than Juventus
  • Inter and Juventus had exactly the same number of shots on goal in both matches

Inter had three shots on target and Wojciech Szczesny made two excellent saves – however for much of this game he either watched a shot go high and/or wide or for another cross to be cleared by his own hands.

Inter had plenty of possession, but their attempts at breaking down Juventus weren’t particularly successful. This was one of Juventus’ strongest defensive displays for a reason – especially after some nerve-wracking moments in recent Serie A matches against Torino and Sampdoria.

Juventus headed into the international break feeling confident and accomplished a huge week with another victory against their arch-rivals. You couldn’t have drawn it up any better when it came to playing two final games before the first break of 2023.

Juventus are well aware of what awaits them in April, and this is certainly a positive development to witness.

Random Thoughts and Observations

  • Think Sole Szn Before Playing No. 1!
  • Pregame Thought No. 2: Juventus’ starting lineup against Inter averages 26.8 years old.
  • Post-Game Thought No. 1: It would be wonderful if Federico Chiesa’s knee could stop all these minor injuries so we can finally see someone who has endured enough over the last 15 months.
  • At the start of the second half, Inter had attempted more passes than Juventus had attempted – yet who had the lead? You guessed it right – the team with fewer attempts.
  • Leandro Paredes received a red card for his involvement in post-game activities after the final whistle. A dear friend of mine texted me after the game that this was “Leandro’s most memorable Juventus stint contribution.” I can only agree with that assessment!
  • Noteworthy from that postgame stuff: Nicolo Fagioli wanted all that smoke! Our boy doesn’t care who it is or what the context is; he’s going to fight for this shirt and I adore him so much for it.
  • Another word on Fagioli: In his two Derby d’Italia appearances, he’s delivered. He scored the game-winner against Inter and then played superbly against Napoli at home on Sunday night – what an incredible player!
  • One last Fagioli observation: This performance should have been shown to Roberto Mancini with the caption, “Under-21 again? REALLY?” and then left there for him to watch over and over.
  • Hasn’t Federico Gatti earned himself some more playing time with his two performances over the last four days? Wow! He truly has amazed me, hasn’t he? Celebrating a late-game clearance like some of our old teammates used to during Juve’s decade-long Serie A dominance makes my heart go pitter-patter and makes me feel all warm inside.
  • Bremer had about 540 clearances in the air. That may be a few too many, but I feel confident that it was within this range.
  • What number of different Inter strikers would you find in Bremer’s pockets?
  • Sign Adrien Rabiot to multi-year contract extensions for the rest of his career and ensure his success. Do it.
  • Manuel Locatelli was an unstoppable force defensively. What a performance!
  • Juventus’ midfield, as a unit, was outstanding. The Fagioli-Locatelli-Rabiot trio has clicked perfectly together and now that they’ve had some time together, they seem to have found an efficient rhythm. That is exactly how a functional midfield should look — which is ironic considering two of Juventus’ highest-paid midfielders have contributed next to nothing this season!
  • On Thursday night, Matias Soule was much like Giorgio Gatti in that he was the biggest surprise starter. While not as impressive as some of his recent appearances off the bench, you cannot deny that at 19 years old he seemed relatively unphased by starting in what could potentially be his biggest game yet for Juventus.
  • No matter how often Dusan Vlahovic gets limited touches, Romelu Lukaku ended the night with 23 touches – that’s right: 23 touches! That’s right: twenty-three!
  • After this game, I can only speculate as to how these players feel physically. Look at Mattia De Sciglio as he left after taking a late sub – he looked absolutely spent and had nothing left in the tank. It’s impossible to know exactly how these players actually feel inside after such intense competition, but one thing’s for certain: none of them appear physically fatigued.
  • Salutations to Sergio, who witnessed his team Checo get the win in Jeddah and then Juventus upset Inter. What an incredible sports Sunday for one of BWRAO’s favorite people!
  • God, I adore it when Juventus beat Inter. It’s just so satisfying. Have a wonderful evening everyone; I know I will. Enjoy your night – I know I will!

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Charles Barkley Tnt Retirement Signs A Life-altering Deal To Remain With Tnt’s Nba Show



Charles Barkley Tnt Retirement
Charles Barkley Tnt Retirement

Charles Barkley Tnt Retirement

Charles Barkley Tnt Retirement An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that Charles Barkley’s playing career ended in 1990 when it actually concluded in 2000. The error has been rectified and the article now accurately states its end date as 2000.

As recently as February, Charles Barkley reiterated his intention to retire at the end of his contract with TNT and its parent company.

As always, much to the delight of many NBA fans, it appears he won’t be leaving anytime soon.

Warner Bros. Discovery Sports, formerly known as Turner Sports, revealed Monday that Barkley and his three colleagues on TNT’s beloved “Inside the NBA” studio show have reached an agreement to “remain together for many years to come”.

According to multiple reports, the contracts for Barkley and fellow analysts Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith, as well as host Ernie Johnson, run for 10 years.

Barkley is currently tied to Charles Barkley Tnt Retirement Signs A Life-altering Deal To Remain With Tnt’s Nba Show through the 2024-25 season; this coincides with TNT’s endpoint in its deal to air NBA games

Once that contract ends, there could be an intense bidding war for rights to NBA games and content; keeping the “Inside the NBA” crew aboard could be touted by TNT as a selling point in order to maintain league loyalty.

The New York Post reported that Barkley’s contract might enable him to leave TNT should the NBA lose in 2025. They also noted that he is making $10 million annually on his existing deal and could make up to $200 million total over the course of his new one.

“Our show is like a big family to me – Ernie, Kenny, and Shaquille are like brothers to me,” Barkley, 59, said in a quote shared by Warner Bros. Discovery Sports. “This opportunity has been life-altering… I feel blessed that I get to do live television for a living.”

On a conference call with reporters before February’s All-Star Game, Barkley took an entirely different tone. At that time (via The Dallas Morning News), he mentioned his three years left on his TNT contract and said that this could likely be it for him.

“Ernie, Kenny, and Shaq are amazing people to work with. But I just don’t feel the need to keep working until my contract is up,” Barkley declared at that time. “If I finish out my contract at 61 years old – no thanks.”

“And I don’t want to die on TV,” he declared. “I want to die out there on the golf course or fishing. I don’t want to be sitting inside by this fat-as-sed Shaq waiting for me to drop dead.”

In 2014, with two years left on his contract with TNT, Barkley declared: “I would rather leave early than stay too long – 17 years is a long time!” When Ernie Johnson hired me 15 years ago, Barkley anticipated staying only four years. Now 15 years later, the clock is ticking down toward my two-year anniversary of leaving TNT on an upbeat note.

Early this year, Barkley reported being courted by LIV Golf but turned down what appeared to be a lucrative offer from the Saudi Arabia-funded challenger to the PGA Tour.

Former MVP and 11-time all-star, Barkley joined Johnson and Smith on TNT’s studio panel later that year. By 2011, the show had already gained notoriety among critics and viewers when O’Neal joined it.

O’Neal, who has a habit of exchanging friendly but sometimes heated words with Barkley, declared last year that his sparring partner would “never quit” the show.

“Charles is here for life,” O’Neal declared then. “We need him, and he needs us. If I retire and don’t do something meaningful with my time, then eventually it won’t be me at all. This is our life’s work; this is who we are.” It has become what drives us forward – “Charles keeps me grounded” (O’Neal). “Charles and I need each other.”

On Monday, O’Neal expressed his joy over Johnson and Smith before asking if there was anyone else he’d forgotten to mention.

“Haha,” O’Neal replied. “If the answer to my ‘Are you not entertained?’ is yes, then we can keep this thing going.”

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What Movie Kyrie Promoted: Amazon Still Sells The Antisemitic Film That Resulted In Kyrie Irving’s Suspension



What Movie Kyrie Promoted
What Movie Kyrie Promoted

What Movie Kyrie Promoted

What Movie Kyrie Promoted: Last week, the Brooklyn Nets suspended star Kyrie Irving for sharing an antisemitic documentary and book on social media. Since then, both the NBA team and Anti-Defamation League have demanded Amazon be held accountable as well.

On Friday, The Anti-Defamation League sent Amazon a letter on behalf of itself and the Nets demanding that “virulently antisemitic book and related video” either be removed from their marketplace or come with context explaining why these works are problematic.

“The book and film are designed to inflame hatred, which, with Mr. Irving’s endorsement, will directly lead to the harm of Jews,” read a letter seen by The Washington Post which was copied for publication.

“These views aren’t simply different perspectives on history; they are outright antisemitic hate. They amplify longstanding antisemitic tropes about Jewish power, greed, and claims that Jews control the media.”

The American Jewish Committee also asked its supporters to join them in pressuring Amazon to “reaffirm its commitment to combat antisemitism by eliminating this anti-Jewish swill.”

Amazon did not reply to The Post’s questions regarding the future of books and documentaries on its website (Amazon founder Jeff Bezos owns The Post).

“Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America” from 2014 and the 2018 documentary of the same name are still both listed as “Best Sellers” on Amazon, though neither currently comes with a disclaimer regarding harmful content.

Two weeks ago, Irving tweeted about the film to his 4.6 million followers. He quickly deleted it but refused to apologize for it for a week until posting an apology on Instagram on Thursday.

As a result, the Nets suspended him for at least five games and Nike ended their partnership with him; additionally, The Anti-Defamation League turned down his offer of $500,000 for anti-hate causes.

Alvin H. Rosenfeld, director of the Center for Study of Contemporary Antisemitism and professor at Indiana University, observed that “the book has become very popular due to this news”. “All sellers, including Amazon,” he added, “have seen a surge in sales.” It’s “very ugly.”

He believes Amazon could continue selling the book with a disclaimer that clearly states its nature. Furthermore, he suggested that Amazon donate its profits from both the book and documentary to organizations fighting hate speech.

“To profit from such an offensive book” is irresponsible,” he declared.

Matt Boxer, assistant research professor in the Hornstein Program for Jewish Professional Leadership at Brandeis University, noted that this book is not the only antisemitic book being sold on Amazon.

Boxer noted that the website still sells copies of Adolf Hitler’s classic work “Mein Kampf.” She stressed that she wasn’t talking about a scholarly edition but the original publication.

Rosenfeld is teaching Hitler’s book and “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” to his students this semester, emphasizing the importance of studying selected chapters from these texts and engaging in meaningful discussion around them.

Rosenfeld said the book Irving promoted is nothing more than “a recycling of old hateful ideas.” It contains numerous antisemitic accusations which have been disproven numerous times, according to him.

According to the ADL’s letter, 2,717 antisemitic incidents were documented across America in 2021 – a 34 percent increase from 2020. FBI hate-crime reports have also confirmed an uptick in violence and bigotry against Jews, it noted.

Last year, shortly after the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, Amazon removed “The Turner Diaries” from its virtual shelves. This 1978 novel depicts a group of white supremacists who attempt to overthrow the government by seizing control of the Capitol.

Even before “The Turner Diaries” was taken off Amazon, there was a disclaimer regarding its racist content included.

Boxer noted that while it is important to protect private companies’ right to sell products as they see fit, freedom of speech does not ensure immunity from consequences. Booksellers would have to deal with the repercussions of what their books contain.

“Antisemitism has seen a major resurgence,” he noted, noting that people with such beliefs feel less emboldened to express them publicly.

Boxer contends that Amazon’s screening process for books and documentaries fails to identify products containing hate speech. “Amazon appears not to possess the knowledge or resources required to recognize when a book is toxic,” he said. “To them, all books are simply products meant for sale.”

Amazon Studios’ website states that they promote free speech and require all titles to go through manual and automated reviews before making a licensing decision.

The guidelines state that “movies or scripts should not promote bigotry or hatred as a whole, and we do not permit movies, scripts, reviews or other content that is nothing but hate speech

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