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How To Unhide Apps On Iphone In Very Quick Steps 2023


This article Unhide apps on iphone will show you how to remove apps from your iPhone that you have hidden and how to recover apps you deleted

 Unhide apps on iphone: How Do I Unhide Hidden Apps?

There are two possible reasons you might have hidden apps from your iPhone: either you don’t use them as often or you prefer a few neat Home screens. You can locate hidden apps in your App Library if you wish to put them back on your Home screen.

  1. To open the App Library, swipe from left to right on the Home screen. You might not see it on the first screen, so continue to swipe until you see app Library in the search bar at top.

 unhide apps on iphone

2. To view an alphabetical list of apps, tap the search bar in App Library. Scroll down to the app that you wish to hide

3. Hold the name of the app that you wish to hide by tapping and holding it. To move the app to your home screen, slide your finger to the left and hold it there. It will jiggle with the rest of your apps. Slide the app to the desired place on your Home screen. Tap Done

 unhide apps on iphone

 Unhide apps on iPhone: How do you find deleted apps on your iPhone Home Screen?

  1. Tap the AppStore icon at the top of your screen and then the Account tab. Your picture is likely to be on it

 unhide apps on iphone

2. Select Purchased, and tap the Not in this iPhone Tab.

3. Scroll down to find the app that you wish to retrieve. To add the app to your iPhone, tap on the download icon.

 unhide apps on iphone


  • How can you hide apps from Apple Watch?

    Open the Watch app from your paired iPhone. Open the My Watch tab. Turn on the Show app on Apple Watch toggle to reveal the app you wish to hide.

  • How can I hide all the apps on my iPhone?

    Hidden apps cannot be unhidden simultaneously. They must be re-downloaded individually.

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