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Video Captures 130-foot Super yacht Sinking Off Southern Italian Coastline

Yacht Sinking
Yacht Sinking

On August 20th, an Italian superyacht capsized off the southern coastline of Italy in a dramatic capsize captured on a yacht sinking video and shared on Twitter by the Italian coast guard.

Video footage captures the My Saga, a 130-foot boat, struggling against waves before gradually sinking beneath them.

On August 20th, according to local news outlets, the yacht was sailing from Gallipoli to Milazzo in Sicily when it began taking on water and eventually sank nine nautical miles offshore of Catanzaro’s port.

The coast guard reported on Twitter that all crew members and passengers had been rescued without injury, and an investigation had been launched to determine what had transpired.

On Wednesday, March 19th, 2017, the Coast Guard of #Crotone coordinated operations to rescue passengers and equip a 40m yacht that had capsized nine miles offshore of Catanzaro Marina

On August 20th, The My Saga reported a problem while leaving Gallipoli, Italy’s southern peninsula, according to the National Associated Press Agency (ANSA). Patrol boats from both the Italian coast guard in Crotone and European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) were dispatched to the scene.

Superyacht Sinking Off Southern Italian Coastline

They discovered the ship taking on water from its stern. Five people — four passengers and a member of the crew — were initially saved aboard a Romanian patrol boat acting on behalf of Frontex, then transferred to a coast guard boat for transport to Catanzaro.

According to an Italian official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss details of an ongoing investigation, the My Saga flew a Cayman Islands flag and was owned by a Danish company. When the boat took on water, six Italian nationals, two Danish citizens, and a South African were present, the person said.

Officials reported that the owner had contracted with a towing company to try to salvage their ship. A tugboat named Alessandro Second arrived and took all four remaining crew members — including the captain — aboard before beginning to tow toward Crotone. Unfortunately, bad weather and an uneventful yacht made progress difficult as well as its tilted position in the water.

Eventually, the tugboat abandoned the yacht and it sank into the Gulf of Squillace. The coast guard took any remaining crew members to Catanzaro.

It’s not the first time a sinking yacht has gained attention on social media. In May, rapper Cardi B posted footage on her personal account of a yacht sinking near her hotel while on vacation in an unknown location. She could be heard screaming as she asked whether there wasn’t a “big boat that could save it,” before saying goodbye as it disappeared into the water – though no one was aboard at that time.

On November 15th, 2013, passersby witnessed another multimillion-dollar yacht, the Rendezvous, capsized in Torquay Harbor marina in southern England after a fire broke out aboard. Authorities warned of potential air and water pollution due to its nine metric tons of diesel cargo – an amount estimated to have caused irreparable harm.

Early this month, the 145-foot Aria SF caught fire off the Balearic island of Formentera in Spain – an incident captured on camera and shared widely across social media. All aboard were evacuated safely, according to The Guardian report. Reportedly, this nearly $23 million yacht had recently been delivered to its owner.


Q.1 What caused the yacht Yogi’s sinking in Italy?

On Saturday, due to severe weather and the yacht leaning on its starboard side, it became too risky for a tugboat to come in and beach the vessel – which promptly sank

Q.2 Why did it sink?

On February 17, 2012, Yogi went down off the coast of Skyros, Greece due to mechanical failure and unmanageability due to inclement weather conditions. Eight people–seven crew plus the captain–were aboard at that time

Q.3 Has a superyacht ever gone down?

One of the most dramatic yacht disasters of 2022 occurred when 39 meter My Saga capsized in the Ionian Sea off southern Italy’s shores

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