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Vincent Nava: Dead At 21 The American Skater; Read More



Vincent Nava, a Los Angeles skater most known for pulling spectacular stunts with his board and his iconic sprayed hair look, died at 21.

Many fans of the skater and social networks celebrity flocked to Twitter to mourn the young star’s demise.

When the news of Vincent Nava’s death broke, fans rushed to his Instagram account to express their deepest sympathies with his most recent Instagram, which was posted on May 22.


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What happened to Vincent Nava?

Vincent Nava

According to an article in Thrasher Magazine, the 21-year-old skater died on September 6th. Vincent Nava died due to the injuries he acquired in a recent car accident.

The skater from Los Angeles was said to have been in a coma for several days before he died.

The interviewer had asked him if he was terrified of dying in one of his most recent interviews with the magazine.


In response to this question, Vincent stated that while the concept of mortality is frightening, he does not live his life always fearing death.

According to the social media celebrity, there is no such thing as being too safe in this society.

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