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Top Quality Android and iOS Voice Changer Apps



Top Quality Android and iOS Voice Changer Apps: Voice changer apps are fun apps that allow users to change their voice. Using such apps, they can use a variety of filters to change their pitch. As a result, you can even fool your close family members and friends.

They will not be able to recognize that it’s you who’s talking on the phone. You can download such apps with the help of an internet connection. Subscribe to a reliable internet deal like Spectrum Internet Outage for the internet to download more such apps.

Top Quality Android and iOS Voice Changer Apps

Voice Changer Apps

1. AndroidRock’s Voice Changer

AndroidRock is the developer of this fun and interactive app. The user interface seems a little outdated but you’ll still like it. The app comes with more than 45 voice effects. You can turn your voice into the voice of a robot, Martian, or a giant.


Furthermore, you can also save and share your filtered voice. This is a very useful feature as you can record funny messages and share them with your friends over WhatsApp or Facebook. You can also combine the effects present in the app.

This will allow you to improvise and make unique sound effects of your own! The best part is that all the features in the app are available for free. 

2. MagicCall

MagicCall is one of the most popular voice-changing apps. You can use this application to prank your friends and family members even in real-time. All you have to do is place a call and by using the app, change it to something else in real-time.

However, do not play serious pranks on your loved ones. Keep them light-hearted and fun. The app comes with various usability features. It allows users to share their voice recordings over a plethora of social media apps.


You can also save the recordings to your local storage space. The app also allows users to change their voice to the opposite gender. This app is great if you want to see how the voice of the opposite gender would suit you!

3. VoiceTooner

As the name implies, this voice changing app will allow you to change your voice to that of a cartoon. Fun, isn’t it? Use this app to change your voice to any of your beloved cartoon characters. You can even change your voice to that of the antagonists.

Furthermore, there are pre-built templates available in the app that will enable you to change your voice to that of zombies, squirrels, and giants, etc. One of the best voice changer apps for iOS, make sure to download and try it out!

4. VoiceFX

VoiceFX is also a very popular voice-changing app that will allow you to have fun in your free time. The app comes with a wide range of sound effects to choose from. You can alter your voice to that of a chipmunk, robot, or monster.


Furthermore, the app allows users to record their voices and then try different effects on them. The effect that they find the most entertaining, they can save it in the local storage.

The app also allows users to playback lines and stream their voices. This means that with an active internet connection, you can start streaming on YouTube but change your voice before you do that. The app comes with plenty of features in the free version but you can also download the paid version. 

5. RoboVox Voice Changer

RoboVox Voice Changer is an excellent app if you are looking for a quick solution to change your voice. This powerful tool can allow users to change their voice in real-time. All they have to do is press the record button.

As soon as they stop speaking, they can apply a filter and listen to their altered voice. On the other hand, this app can change the sound of the user to either scary, robotic, or musical as well. Within these categories, there are many options to further alter the voice. 


This application has built-in technology called vocoder which allows you to significantly alter the voice. As a result, you can change your voice to up to 32 different types of formats. Users can modulate the voice and even adjust the audio pitch and volume.

Change your voice to any of the pre-built DAFT, Pumpkin, Puck, GHOUL, Cyborg, and Bionic 74 effects. This application also allows users to change their voice during streaming. As a result, you can keep the identity of your personal voice confidential. 

Well, that was all about the best voice-changing apps available on the iOS and Android operating systems. They are quite fun to use. The best part is that the developers keep on adding new sound effects so that you never get bored of using them.

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