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Ward Cameron | Outer Banks : 9 Ways Ward Is The Ultimate Villain


Ward Cameron On the Netflix show, Rafe Cameron appears to be the major villain of Outer Banks, but it is his father, Ward, who is the mastermind behind it all.

On Netflix’s Outer Banks, Ward Cameron is the patriarch of the Cameron family and one of the wealthiest men in the area. He began the series as a loving, devoted parent, a compassionate neighbour, and someone who gave back to the community despite having nothing. Ward’s true colours emerged as the series progressed (so far) over two seasons.

Ward Cameron 9 Ways world is the Ultimate Villain

Ward Cameron

Ward, like his daughter Sarah and the Pogues, a group of pals who reside in The Cut, was on a mission to recover millions of dollars in gold from the sunken ship Royal Merchant.

And, as it turned out, in order to collect the gold, he’d kill everybody who stood in his way. While many people believe his son Rafe is the true evil, Ward is the mastermind behind everything.

When it was Rafe who was murdered, he blamed John B.

When Rafe shot and killed Sherrif Peterkin, Ward’s unscrupulous practises began to appear. Peterkin arrived at the airport to apprehend Ward for the assassination of John B. Sr. Rafe shot Peterkin to save his father from going to jail.

Ward, in response, did not resuscitate Peterkin and blamed John B. instead of his son. Even though the real murderer was Rafe, a massive search for John B. was launched over the Outer Banks.

Ward became known as one of the worst Outer Banks personalities as a result of this, because he blamed an innocent adolescent when his son was the real culprit.

The fact that he didn’t feel any remorse for wrecking John B.’s life only served as a reminder to his fans of his priorities.

When Ward realised his daughter was abandoning the family, he attempted to murder her.

Sarah Cameron (Ward’s daughter) accompanied John B. on the run from the cops after he was suspected of killing Sherrif Peterkin. She knew John B. was innocent while her brother and father were to blame since they were in love. Fans adored this couple since they were willing to die together in order to avoid her family.

In a storm, the two went out to sea and were assumed dead. Ward, on the other hand, was relieved to learn that his daughter was still alive.

That is, until he discovered Sarah was willing to abandon her family and blame Rafe in order to save her boyfriend. Ward attempted to kill Sarah when he realised she was going to turn him and Rafe in.

Not only was attempting to murder someone a clue that he was on the wrong track, but the fact that it was his daughter, whom he ostensibly loved, added to the horror of the deed.

His downfall began with an altercation with John B. Senior.

Ward’s nefarious deeds didn’t begin when his son murdered Sherrif Peterkin; they began over a year earlier, when John B.’s father, John B. Sr., went missing.

According to John B., his father was on a treasure quest and got lost at sea while doing so. Although everyone assumed he was dead, John B. believed he was still alive.

The more study John B. did on the gold, the more he discovered that Ward and his father were seeking for it as a group. Ward and John B. Sr. got into a skirmish that culminated in John B. Sr. receiving a head injury in a brutal altercation gone awry. Ward pushed him overboard after realising he had “killed” him.

Fans knew there was no redeeming Ward at this point; John B. Sr. had been regarded as a serious yet charming man by the locals of the Outer Banks, therefore Ward’s failure to assist him was unforgivable. He should have helped John B. Sr instead of shoving him overboard, no matter what they were talking about.

And his tussle with John B. was deceptive.

Ward felt infuriated when he realised how near John B. was to locating the treasure. Ward despised the thought that a youngster had gotten closer to the gold than he had. Ward tried to make a bargain, but when John B. saw how deceptive and deadly Ward was, he rushed away.

Ward intended to blame John B. after the two got into a fight and realised how horrible he would look in front of others. To put the blame on John B. and make him the bad person, he stabbed himself with a graff hook.

Fans were surprised and surprised since they didn’t expect him to be so cunning and calculated. The fact that he was so adamant on framing John B. was concerning.

He stole the gold from John B’s hard work.

On the Outer Banks, the Pogues haven’t always made the best decisions, but their discovery that the gold was buried in an ancient cottage inhabited by an elderly woman who could barely see or hear suggested they were onto something.

The Pogues broke into the house in the middle of the night and discovered the gold in the basement, buried beneath the surface. Ward, on the other hand, discovered what the Pogues were up to, broke into the house, grabbed the gold (and their hard work), and hid it elsewhere.

The heroes are constantly foiled by the villains, just like on any other television show, which is also duplicated here. Ward may have come out on top this time, but the Pogues were not going down without a fight.

He Assaulted And Murdered An Innocent Man

The Pogues were more intelligent than Ward and his evil ways, despite the fact that they were teenagers. They ultimately discovered that the pilot on the tarmac, Gavin, was another witness to Sherriff Peterkin’s murder.

Gavin received a suspicious call from the Pogues informing him that they were on to him. This frightened Gavin enough that he called Ward and demanded additional money in exchange for his quiet on the murder.

Gavin stated to Ward that he still had the murder weapon (which had Rafe’s prints all over it) when they met. Ward assassinated Gavin and took the murder weapon to solidify his status as the show’s villain and shock viewers globally.

Sarah Is His Favorite Child, He Makes It Clear

Rafe, Sarah, and Wheezie are Ward’s three children. He does not, however, show the same affection and respect for Rafe and Wheezie as he does for Sarah. Rafe became increasingly envious of his father’s devotion to Sarah, to the point where he’d kill for his father’s adoration.

Ward also moved Wheezie to the side, barely acknowledging her. Rafe’s demise could have begun when he chose a favoured child and ignored the needs and feelings of his other children. It’ll be interesting to observe how this relationship shifts in Season 3 of Outer Banks.

The Real Reason He Became John B.’s Guardian

When John B. realised he wanted to visit Chapel Hill’s history library to learn more about Denmark Tanny, he invited Sarah to accompany him because her family had contributed many relics to the university.

When Ward found out that Sarah and John B. were coming closer to the gold, he wanted to keep his adversaries close. Ward quickly became John B.’s legal guardian and took him into their home, despite the fact that he was effectively an orphan.

This was done in order for him to learn more about the gold. Because John B. trusted him, the manipulation strategy was distorted. Ward’s role as John B.’s legal guardian, according to some Outer Banks fans on Reddit, will come back to bother him in season 3.

He gave two men to the sharks to eat.

Two anonymous wicked individuals came to the Outer Banks in search of John B. Srcompass .’s in season one. The two wreaked havoc on the town, destroying homes and harming anyone who got in their way.

The two, however, vanished without a trace. Sherrif Peterkin was contacted later by the coroner, who informed her that two bodies had washed up on the beach. The men were thought to have died at sea due to shark attacks, but this was not the case.

The coroner noticed marks on the bodies that indicated they had been in a struggle after identifying the deceased. Ward, it was later revealed, was the one who hired the guys and then killed them when they got too close to the treasure.

His growing hunger has undoubtedly led him down a terrible path, so who knows what he’ll do in season 3 to finally put a stop to the Pogues’ storey.

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