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Wendy Williams Ankles: Of Her Swollen Feet, Shows Effective Causing Her Trouble



According to Wendy Williams Ankles most recent article, her lymphedema is still causing her trouble. On May 19, 2021, she posted a photo of her swollen ankles as a result of the disease. She also explained how she’s dealing with the fluid build-up.

Wendy captioned her photo, “My Dr. Laure is the French lady who is assisting me in living with lymphedema.”

“She scrubs and recognises that my sickness is simply treatable, not cured.”
A close-up of her feet reveals that her ankles and the tops of her feet are extremely swollen and deformed.


Wendy Williams later deleted the post, but it was republished on a fan account with the remark, “Shout out to #WendyWilliams for using her platform to bring awareness to a chronic disease called #lymphedema.”

Wendy Williams Ankles feet are once again a source of contention

Wendy Williams Ankles

Wendy initially discussed her ailment on her broadcast, The Wendy Williams Show, in 2019. This was in reaction to fans’ concerns over her feet, which appeared bloated in certain paparazzi photos.

Wendy had mentioned that she had Lymphedema and that she was doing well for the most part. She had stated that the disease would not kill her and that she possessed a contraption that could assist her.

She had mentioned with her admirers that she had to devote forty-five minutes a day to the machine and that it was a lot of fun.


She also quipped that it would make a wonderful party entertainment, and everyone who came to her house wanted to test it out.

Lymphedema is a condition in which the lymph fluid in the body is unable to drain, resulting in swelling. The swelling is mainly noticeable in the limbs.

Wendy Williams was not having it when people were making fun of her feet, and she addressed the subject on her program once more.

She had stated that it was a disease she had and that no one had the right to take advantage of it. “How can you keep making fun about me and the way I walk and whole thing?” she had said.


What will you receive if you live a long enough time? I’ll cry if I don’t laugh. “You scumbag feet!”

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