What happens to your body when you eat chicken daily?

Chicken is a potential source of protein that has many health benefits. So, read to know what happens to your body if you eat chicken every day.

When it comes to having protein, chicken is the most-liked and convenient option for everyone. There are different types of delicious chicken recipes to satisfy our taste buds. Apart from that, it is a very healthy option also for being a potential source of protein. Chicken is also relatively cheaper.

So, with all these factors, chicken becomes the preferred food for fitness freaks. But is it alright to eat chicken daily? According to the recent research, there might be some adverse effects of eating chicken every day.

Is daily intake of chicken bad for health?

Weight loss

Protein takes longer time than carbohydrates to digest. So, it gives you the feeling of satiety thus preventing you from having extra calories due to sudden hunger pangs. This eventually makes you lose weight.

Weight gain

Eating chicken every day is also not good because when you consume too much protein, your body stores the extra protein which cannot be burnt as fat. This will ultimately make you gain more weight. So, like everything, the chicken should also be consumed in moderation.

Muscle building

Protein helps you to build muscle. And chicken is a complete protein that has leucine, a type of amino acid that plays a major role in building muscles.

Sodium intake

Chicken has a higher content of sodium, so it should be consumed in moderation. Otherwise, an excessive amount of sodium will affect your blood pressure level.

Cardiovascular diseases

Daily intake of chicken can increase the risk of having cardiovascular or heart diseases, according to research.


High protein foods have a very low content of fibre which may cause constipation. So, make sure to add fibre with your chicken like spinach, carrots, brown rice, etc. that will ease constipation.


According to a recent research, overconsumption of chicken may increase the risk of malignant melanoma, prostate cancer, etc.

Note: For preparing your kitchen in the right way, make sure to follow the basic guidelines like washing the raw chicken, using a separate cutting board and knife and washing your hands, cutting board, knife and the utensils properly with soap and water after cooking.

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