What is codependency in relationship? THESE are the steps to reduce the tendency

Codependency can exist in any kind of relationship and this tendency makes people habituated to rely upon others for everything. They lose their individuality and cannot say no to anything. So, here are some steps to reduce then tendency.

What is codependency in relationship? THESE are the steps to reduce the tendency

Codependency is a term coined in the year 1950 and this refers to a mental, spiritual, physical and emotional reliance on a partner, friend or a family member. This represents many aspects of attachment style patterns developed in early childhood.

Its severity depends on its level. Codependency is caused by poor self and boundaries and for the inability to have an opinion or to say no. Codependency can grow in all types of relationships like in a romantic relationship, child-parent, in marriage and in between office colleagues.  

What should you know about codependency?

Signs of codependency

These are the signs of codependency:

1.Trying to avoid conflicts always with anyone.

2.Always asking others for the daily task to be sure about it.

3.Always apologising without even doing anything.

4.Feeling sorry for the other person even when they hurt you.

5.Doing anything for others even if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

6.Putting everyone at a higher level even if they don’t reserve that.

7.Always seeking a need for people to like you so that you can feel good about yourself.

Why codependency is unhealthy?

Codependency is very unhealthy for any relationship as people with this issue lose their true sense of self because they are constantly relying upon others. They start to lose their individuality. And people with codependency may often find it hard to leave a toxic relationship as they rely upon it so much.

How to reduce your codependency?

People with codependency can take help from these ways to reduce their tendency of relying upon others for everything:

1.Be positive about yourself and reduce the tendency of criticising your true self.

2.you can be the president of your own community club or college union to get the confidence.

3.Take some separate time from the relationship you are relying upon and try to make new friends. Try to do different things which you like to do alone.

4.Focus on your true self and try to understand who you are.

5.If someone diminishes you stand up for yourself right then. This will help you boost your self-esteem.

6.Most importantly, try to say “NO” to everything that doesn’t feel right for you.

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