What is nitpicking in a relationship? Here’s how it damages the partners and their bond

Nitpicking in the relationship is when you start to get fussy about your partner’s every habit and behaviour. You try to find faults in everything done by that person. So, here’s why this is highly damaging for your bond.

What is nitpicking in a relationship? Here’s how it damages the partners and their bond

When you are married or in a steady relationship with your partner, then you both get acquainted with each other’s faults and bad habits. And partners have to adjust with them. But when you start to get fussy and find faults every now and then in your partner, then it becomes nitpicking in relationship.

Nitpicking, when done on a daily basis, can make your partner annoyed, which will ultimately damage the bond. At a certain point in the relationship, you need to compromise with it and not do nitpicking every time.

What you should know about nitpicking in the relationship?

Negative effects of nitpicking

When you are nitpicking your partner, you demean her or him and they may feel embarrassed. So, it damages your relationship. And when you constantly notice and complain about their faults, it may mean that you want your partner to be someone else. This will make it seem that you don’t respect your partner.

Things to do to reduce your nitpicking behaviour:

1.Every relationship has problems where partners have to deal with each other’s personality traits and temperamental qualities. It may cause conflict, but you have to understand that some problems are unsolvable. So, the only solution is to simply learn to live with it.

2.Instead of nitpicking, be nice to your partner if you need to address something about any of their bad habits. Tell him about that in a nice way and show respect to each other. It is easy to complain but tough to say the same thing in a polite manner.

If you are getting nitpicked

If you are getting nitpicked by your partner, then talk about this to your partner to resolve this issue.

When this gets out of control?

Often nitpicking may get worse in some relationships which even may lead to abuse. If you sense this, then it is time to seek professional help.

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