What Is Unclaimed Money in Nevada and How to Find It

October 19, 2022
Unclaimed Money Nevada

What is Unclaimed Money in Nevada? 

Unclaimed money is a financial asset that has not been used or accessed for at least five years. This includes uncashed paychecks and interest payments, security deposits, and refunds.

NRS Chapter 120 is the primary statute that governs unclaimed money in Nevada. This statute outlines the procedure for reporting unclaimed cash and the penalties for not doing so.

Unclaimed money in Nevada must be reported to the Nevada State Treasurer’s Office. Then, they must turn it over in what is called escheatment. The report must contain the name and address of the person or entity from which the money is to be returned, along with a description of the capital.

If the owner can prove they are entitled to any Nevada unclaimed funds, they may file a claim at the State Treasurer’s Office. You will need to prove your identity and relationship with the property as well as supporting documentation to show your entitlement to the funds.

Unclaimed money may be reported or claimed in Nevada by entities that fail to do so and could face civil or criminal sanctions. The property could also be forfeited to the State.

How to find unclaimed money in Nevada

The Nevada State Treasurer’s Office may be able to help people who are owed money unclaimed in Nevada. This office keeps a list of unclaimed properties. It includes money left behind by businesses or former residents.

The requestor must provide their name, contact information, and address to search for unclaimed funds. You may need to show proof of identity, such as a passport or driver’s license. After they submit their information, the office will look through its database to determine if any money is missing.

The Nevada State Treasurer’s Office may be unable to locate the unclaimed money. Requesters can check with other state agencies, such as the Nevada Department of Taxation and the Nevada Secretary of State.

How do I find Nevada unclaimed money for free?

You can search for unclaimed property and money in Nevada using the official unclaimed money database maintained by the state treasurer. To have a query processed, requestors must provide only the information necessary to enable a search to take place. State residents also have access to unclaimed funds through federal agencies or databases, including:

  • The Treasury Hunt
  • The National Association of Unclaimed Money Property Administrators
  • Credit Union of Unclaimed Shares

How to Claim Nevada Unclaimed Money

The claimant must sign up for the platform after locating unclaimed property or funds using the Nevada unclaimed asset search service. Personal claims require individuals to give their name, address, birth date, and email. Business sign-ups will require the company name, address, and email.

The claimant can log in using the login information and submit the required information to claim the property of their choice. This usually includes personal information and proof of ownership (unclaimed money, property, or identity). You can then submit the claim form via the secure link on the website or by mail to:

Nevada Unclaimed Property

Grant Sawyer Building

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Toll-free-Nevada-only: (800) 521-0019

Local: (702) 486-4140

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