When Vicky Kaushal spoke about his struggle

Vicky Kaushal is one of the most popular stars from the current lot of actors. But, getting to this point was no cakewalk. While he was extremely talented, Vicky too had a long struggle to convince people of his abilities.

During an interview with a leading daily, the actor revealed that he was so fed up with facing rejections, that he even joked about paying money just to bag a role. He said, “I just wanted to work and do good acting. I would always get selected in the top 2 or 3 during auditions, but they would reject me after asking my budget. I would think that ‘maybe, they have rejected me because of my budget.’ So then, I started asking them their budget. When I said I would do it on their budget, they would still reject me. Then I said I would work for free (laughs), they would still not take me. At last, I had to say that I would pay but give me work.”

After delivering impressive performances in films like Masaan, Raazi, Sanju and URI: The Surgical Strike, one can safely say he’s now surely getting what he asks for.

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