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 Avatar-Who is Zuko’s Wife!

The time gap between the two Avatar shows, The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. It means that many side characters and minor questions on the franchise have been left unanswered.

Most of these elements have been addressing in the Avatar sequel comics. Still, one particular part is remaining a mystery. Legend of Korra confirms that Zuko, in the end, had children. It is leading to the birth of his daughter Izumi. He, in turn, has own two children.

But her mother has never been confirming in general rule, leading to the possibility. That it is not who anyone expects, let’s look back at all of Zuko’s past love interests. Try to figure out if there is a chance they end up with Zuko.


Katara and Zuko were among the most famous potential relationships. With the fans of the original Avatar: The Last Airbender. The two start as fierce enemies, with Zuko. Frequently attacking her and at one point even holding her size in an attempt to tempt out the Avatar.

The two found a moment of ability to understand together. At the same time, capture at the end of the second season. It was lost when Zuko choose to side with Azula in the season’s final fight. Azula was the last of Team Avatar to trust him.

Then he joins with them, but she, in the end, came around. Wishes for some fans; the relationship never came to a realization. It was even teasing as a concept in the abilities “Ember Island Players.” Legend of Korra confirms that Katara is ending up with Aang, not Zuko.


It is Zuko’s most real romantic interest and one of Azula’s only friends. Mai accompanies Azula on her hunt for Zuko and Iroh. In the end, it helps to bring down the Earth Kingdom. When Zuko is given credit for Aang’s defeat, it can fully enter a relationship with the restoring prince.

The association is one of the only things that Zuko appreciates in his life. Once Zuko returns to the Fire Nation, he leaves her to join Aang. She was teaching him how to Firebrand before his battle with Ozai. Although, Mai was furious with Zuko. Mai refuses to let Azula kill him, and it lands her.

Ty Lee protects Mai from Azula’s extreme anger in prison; Mai was release upon Ozai and Azula’s defeat. The Series ends with her and the newly crowned Fire Lord Zuko starting their relationship.

Their relationship starts continued into the sequel comics but ran into some severe problems quickly. When Mai finds that Zuko has been meeting his father for advice without telling her, she became furious and ending the relationship. Mai even tries to move on with another boy Kei Lo.

But the discovery that he works for her father, as a member of the terroristic New Ozai Society. She puts severe stress on the relationship. Both were briefly able to make things work. Especially as Kei Lo turns on her father, he became a dialect for Mai on their actions.

She even defending Zuko, but by the end of Smoke and Shadow, the pair broke off their relationship. Mai has also been guessing at still have complex feelings for Zuko. At the same time, they have not to get back together yet in the sequel comics.

There is a good chance they start where they left off. In the end, both had a family together. But there is one other surprising person that will end up with Zuko.


She is one of the Kyoshi Warriors, and she is frequently identified as their leader. Suzi became a dedicated combine to Aang and Team Avatar. She is even forming a romantic relationship with Sokka.

She was initially set up as an enemy of Zuko when he and his men attacked her home on Kyoshi Island. Like the rest of Team Avatar, Mai learns to trust the Firebender.

After he helps rescue her from the Boiling Rock prison, it is held here after a defeat at Azula’s hands. By the end of the series, Suzi was a fully recognized member of Team Avatar. The leader of the freed Kyoshi fighters.

The sequel comics have seen her growing closer to Zuko as comes out in “The Promise,” Mai was arranging for the Kyoshi Warriors to become Zuko’s guard. When he was almost murdered a year after the events of The Last Airbender, she became concerned about him, especially when she accidentally reveals to Mai.

Zuko had kept his talks with Ozai a secret. Feeling incredibly guilty, Suki starts to offer emotional support to Zuko. At the same time, she is still supportive of Zuko getting back together with Mai and giving her conversations with Zuko in “Smoke & Shadow.”

Suzi continues her relationship with Sokka, her relationship with Zuko sequel comics. It suggests the pair may be more conflict than anyone expects. It will be an unexpected change, but it could easily lead to the measures but determines Izumi.

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