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Who Is Lady Whistledown Reveal Is Secretly Heartbreaking For Penelope



Who Is Lady Whistledown: In Bridgerton’s season 1 conclusion, Penelope Featherington is revealed to be Lady Whistledown, a revelation that adds even more tragedy to her storey.

Toward the end of “After The Rain,” Featherington flashes a coquettish smile as she reveals herself to the audience, implying that she enjoys her job as the gossip tabloids’ writer.

Even though this is accurate, Penelope has a deeper dimension to it.


Throughout the first season of Bridgerton, Lady Whistledown is the centre of upper-crust society gossip.

Her astute observations and astute wit fundamentally determine how rumours are spread.

Lady Whistledown effectively can destroy or improve anyone’s reputation in the Ton, and she makes frequent use of it.

Even Queen Charlotte anticipates the coming of the next Whistledown book with bated breath.


The fact that Penelope Featherington is Lady Whistledown, of all people, adds to her story’s pathos.

Even though there were plenty of hints that Penelope was Lady Whistledown, the announcement nonetheless comes as a season finale shock.

The greatest irony is that the woman commanding British society’s whims, affections, and attention is Bridgerton season 1’s meekest character, who is frequently disregarded by people she writes about.

Who Is Bridgerton’s Lady Whistledown?

Who is Lady Whistledown

In the Bridgerton episode “Affair of Honor,” while Eloise is trying to figure out who Lady Whistledown is, she speculates that the mysterious writer is “someone who’d be invited to all of the functions not paid any attention.”


Though Eloise’s suspicions about the author being a widow are entirely incorrect, this other assessment about Lady Whistledown is spot on.

Penelope Featherington is precisely that: someone who is invited to every party yet never seems to be noticed.

She’s rarely danced with, doesn’t have many friends, and — to top it all – has to defend herself from brutal bullies on occasion.

She’s the last person anyone would imagine to be the voice behind Lady Whistledown, but that’s precisely why she’s the creator of such a scandalous column.


The Tragic Lady Whistledown Reveal in Bridgerton

The disclosure of Lady Whistledown at the end of Bridgerton is devastating for everybody involved. On practically every level, Penelope is shunned by society.

Life is not simple for a woman who does not conform to the era’s outrageous beauty ideals, and it does not appear that it will ever be.

Penelope doesn’t have the robust support structure she needs at home, thanks to an authoritarian mother and self-absorbed sisters (save for Marina, who does befriend Penelope).

Penelope is disregarded by society at large and Colin, who doesn’t seem to be drawn to her in the way Penelope desires.


Lady Whistledown’s popular articles are the only taste of attention she ever gets. She’s also an outcast in her friendship with Eloise, who isn’t interested in marriage or high society bullshit and believes Penelope Featherington shares her sentiments.

Penelope is even ignored by her own buddy in Bridgerton, who doesn’t seem to care about what she has to say until she cracks.

Penelope needed to find another way to be validated as the Featheringtons’ black sheep, which she did by creating her Lady Whistledown character, which allowed her to grow her own identity in the way she wanted without jeopardising her reputation.

On the other hand, the secret identity just encourages the harmful practises of the society that is discarding her. The disclosure of Lady Whisteldown reveals that it’s a tragic cycle that’s only exacerbated by the one way Penelope has any agency.


Still, considering Penelope’s brilliance as a young woman, there’s a chance she’ll be able to turn this cliche on its head in Bridgerton season 2.

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