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Who is the UA Traitor a Shot at Redemption



Who is the UA Traitor Deku’s maturity was ingrained in him during his vigilante days, as evidenced by his ability to lend a helping hand to the UA traitor in My Hero Academia Chapter 337.

WARNING: The following includes spoilers for Horikoshi Kohei, Caleb Cook, and John Hunt’s My Hero Academia Chapter 337, “A Disposable Life,” which is available now in English through Viz Media.

Who is the UA Traitor

Many fans have been waiting with baited breath for Yuga Aoyama’s destiny since he was identified as the UA traitor. Izuku Midoriya, along with the rest of Class 1A, does not appear to have given up on Yuga; instead, they are giving him a chance to redeem himself.


Despite the fact that his prior position as a UA mole was a crucial one, All For One had little regard for Yuga and his family.

They were just another set of pawns to him, which he could deploy in opportune scenarios as he saw appropriate. Even though Yuga’s identity has been revealed, it does not appear that losing his spy will have a significant impact on All For One.

Class 1A, on the other hand, considers Yuga to be an indispensable member of their team. They’d been assisting one another in their quest to become Pro Heroes since they first arrived at UA. They each had their own reasons for choosing that road, but as they trained, lived, and overcame obstacles together, they established ties and became a true team. It was because of their shared sense of familiarity that 1A found it difficult to accept Yuga was a traitor.

Yuga had a strong connection with 1A as well. Spying on his peers for All For One was never something he looked forward to doing. Yuga was originally Quirkless, and his Navel Laser was given to him by All For One as part of a deal between his parents and the villain commander. He was helping his parents keep their half of the agreement by spying on UA.


Yuga was hurt every time one of his classmates was harmed in an attack that was partly his responsibility, but it was the only way to keep his parents safe from All For One’s anger.

Yuga, like the rest of his class, had a real desire to be a hero before enrolling at UA. All For One’s mission may have tainted his motivation, yet there were times when his altruistic desire shined through. During Class 1A’s attempt at the Provisional Hero License Exam, he made himself a clear target for their opponents, allowing the rest of the class to rally around him.

During the League of Villains’ invasion on their training camp, he struck Mr. Compress with his Navel Laser, preventing them from taking Fumikage Tokoyami and Katsuki Bakugo. When Yuga declared that he was nothing more than a vile scoundrel, Izuku reminded him of this incident.

Lady Nagant, another hero who had found herself in All For One’s employ, was also mentioned by Izuku. She didn’t work for him because she shared his ideas, but rather because her spirit had been crushed and controlled in a similar way to Yuga’s. Izuku extended a helping hand to Yuga instead of casting him out, as many would assume.


Izuku recognises that a person’s past actions do not define who they are, and he is willing to give Yuga another chance to prove himself. And it appears that Yuga will accept it.

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