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Who Was Kobe Cannibal Died | Issei Sagawa


Issei Sagawa (Kobe Cannibal), a Japanese murderer and actor of Documentary films, was invited to Sagawa’s house of Renee Hartevelt. Renee Hartevelt was  a Dutch student. After dinner he raped and after that killed her, He then ate a portion of her body for three more days. Because dueto medical report However, he was not fit to stand trial in France in 1983. His brother and close friend gave him a private funeral. He was initially held in a mental hospital before being sent to Japan in 1983. He was not scheduled for a public funeral. This news spread quickly and was widely feared. This news shocked everyone.

Kobe Cannibal Japanese Died

Issei Sagawa, a documentary maker, revealed details about his murder on June 11, 1981. He said that he had been obsessed with cannibalism his whole life. He stated that he dreamed of eating women.

Kobe Cannibal

Sagawa murdered Hartevelt in an apartment and ate some of her body parts. The body parts were then taken to a park by Sagawa. Later, he was arrested and taken to a mental institution. French medical experts declared Sagawa mentally incapable of being tried in 1983. Sagawa was declared unfit for trial and sent back to Japan.

After two years, Sagawa was released in Japan. After two years, he was released from detention in Japan. Sagawa’s crime earned him fame in Japan and inspired the songs of The Stranglers. A pornographic movie and a manga comic about his crime were also produced. He also wrote a novel-like autobiography called “In the Fog”.

Sagawa stated that his act was not spontaneous. Sagawa said that he had been obsessed with cannibalism from his first grade. He said that he believed he was too repellent to be attracted to intimacy. Sagawa’s brother stated that there was no public ceremony.

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