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The wordle New York Times today Purchased Wordle puzzle game



The wordle New York Times today Company has purchased Wordle, a popular puzzle game that has captured the attention of users all over the globe

The New York Times Company has purchased the game for an undisclosed amount in the “low-seven figure” range. Wordle will remain free for existing and new players, the New York Times Company said.

The company states that no changes to the game’s gameplay will be made as it moves to The New York Times

wordle ny times today

The New York Times Company released a press release stating that Wordle was acquired by them. “As The Times strives to entertain more solvers daily with puzzles — especially during these anxious times — they’re thrilled that we’ve announced that we’ve acquired Wordle,


” The New York Times Company stated in a press release. Wordle gives players six chances to guess a five letter mystery word. It will be added to the New York Times Games portfolio of puzzle games that challenge and delight solvers every single day.

Josh Wardle, a Brooklyn-based software engineer, released the game in October 2021. The game has seen a huge rise in popularity since then. The game was played by 90 people on November 1, 2005. The game was played by 90 people within two months. It now has millions of daily users.

Wardle revealed to TechCrunch that Wordle was originally created last year by him for his partner, who is a word puzzle lover, so they could play together.

Hosting it on a website he’s had for years as a home for his other creative efforts (, back from his time in England), Wardle casually shared the game with his family. He then showed it to some well-placed friends and it gained more popularity.


Wardle tweeted, “I am extremely pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with The New York Times to take over Wordle moving forward.” “If you have been following Wordle’s story, you will know that NYT games played a major role in its origins.

This step feels very natural to you.” It will be available for free on the NYT site. I am working closely with them to ensure that your streaks and wins are preserved.

The internet loves an unlikely success story and as we approach the new year, one appeared to us. It was Wordle. You guess a five letter word in six attempts, then share your results with others.

Wardle continued to say that while the game is bigger than he imagined, its popularity has been overwhelming. Wardle stated that he admires The New York Times’ approach towards its games and that their values align with his.


Wordle, according to The New York Times, will play a role in the daily games experience. This will give millions more reasons to visit The Times. According to the company, its games were played over 500 million times by 2021 and it had one million Games subscriptions in December.

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