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Wrongful Death Lawyer

Wrongful Death Lawyer: A wrongful death lawyer does a lot of things that make it easier for the people left behind to deal with their grief. They can look into how your family member died, figure out who is responsible, tell you about your legal rights, and maybe even file a lawsuit on your behalf to get money for the losses caused by your family member’s death.

A wrongful death lawyer takes on lawsuits for people who have lost a loved one because of someone else’s carelessness or wrongdoing. According to Florida Statute 768.19, wrongful death is “when a person dies because of an unlawful act, negligence, default, or breach of contract or warranty.

In these situations, the person’s estate may file a civil lawsuit. Personal injury cases are often something that wrongful death lawyers have dealt with before. A wrongful death lawyer can help families get the people who caused the death to pay for the losses they caused. Learn more about what a wrongful death lawyer does by reading on.

How to Find Out About the Death of a Loved One

Wrongful Death Lawyer

In cases of wrongful death, the facts are often hard to understand. People may tell different stories about what happened. This could happen because people are confused or don’t understand each other. Still, it could also happen if the person or group responsible tries to hide the truth or put the blame on someone else to avoid taking responsibility. A lawyer for wrongful death can look into what happened to find out what really happened.

In 2018, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that there were 33,654 fatal car accidents. If someone you cared about died in a car accident, a lawyer could look at the police report and statements from people who saw what happened or were in the car with your loved one at the time of the accident.

A lawyer might find out that a nearby surveillance camera caught the accident or the moments before or after it. A video could show that the other driver broke a traffic law or drove in a dangerous way. That information could help build a case for wrongful death.

If a medical mistake caused the death of a family member, you could also file a claim for wrongful death. Johns Hopkins University found that medical mistakes are the cause of one out of every ten deaths.

A lawyer can look at your relative’s medical records and ask one or more experts for help to figure out if the doctor who cared for them met the standard of care. Let’s say that the investigation shows that the doctor gave the wrong diagnosis, gave your family member a drug that was not good for their condition or that they were allergic to, or made a mistake during surgery.

That could help the legal team show that the doctor made a mistake in his or her work. This information could also help the team put together a case against the hospital where your family member was treated.

Your legal rights can be explained by a lawyer

Different states have different rules about who can sue for wrongful death. Depending on where you live, you might not be able to file a lawsuit to get money. Some states only let people who were close to the person who died sue, while others let distant relatives or even people who were not related to the person sue for wrongful death in some situations.

In other states, only a representative of the deceased person’s estate can file a wrongful death suit, not a family member. If they win money, the representative gives the money to relatives who are eligible.

The time limit varies from state to state as well (the amount of time that plaintiffs have to file a lawsuit). Depending on where you live, the time frame could be a year or longer. If you don’t file a lawsuit by the deadline, you may lose your right to do so, even if you have a good case.

In some situations, the time limit can be pushed back (extended). A wrongful death lawyer who knows the laws in your state can tell you what you need to know.

An attorney can ask for money damages

A lawyer for wrongful death can go after both monetary and non-monetary damages. Economic damages could include the cost of medical care your family member got before they died, the cost of their funeral and burial, and the loss of income they would have made if they had lived.

How much your loved one hurt and suffered before dying

The survivors lost the love, support, companionship, and affection they got from their loved ones.The emotional pain that the wrong death caused You could also sue for “punitive damages” in some situations. These extra damages are a punishment for a guilty party’s especially bad behaviour and a warning to others not to do the same thing.

A lawyer who has dealt with wrongful death cases before can look at all the facts and figure out how much you should get as compensation. The lawyer can file a lawsuit and try to settle the case without going to court. Settlements end a lot of civil cases, but sometimes the parties can’t come to an agreement. If that happens, a lawyer might take the case to court and let a jury decide if you should get money and, if so, how much.

Ben Crump Law, PLLC has a team of lawyers who have helped clients all over the United States get through some of the hardest times of their lives. We have helped families who were in shock after a loved one died and got them money to help them move on with their lives.

We do everything that a lawyer for wrongful death needs to do to pursue a case. We can look into what happened to cause the death of your family member, explain your legal rights, and file a wrongful death lawsuit to get you and other family members affected by the death money. Call our office at (800) 593-3443 to talk to one of our employees today.

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Cara Delevingne Does Hollywood Glamorous on the 2023 Oscars Red Carpet



Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne Makes Her Oscars Red Carpet Debut in an Eye-Catching Gown featuring a Thigh-High Slit
Delevingne will also serve as a presenter at tonight’s show. Cara Delevingne brought an old Hollywood glamour to Sunday’s 2023 Oscar red carpet.

At this evening’s award show, The Only Murders in the Building star, who is presenting, looked stunning in her daring red Elie Saab gown and Bulgari jewels. Her one-shoulder dress featured a thigh-high slit that showcased her platform Stuart Weitzman heels.

Delevingne took her glamorous style to the next level with a shimmery eye and bright rosy lip, finishing off with her hair pulled back off her face for an effortlessly stylish finish.

Delevingne, styled by Mariel Haenn and Rob Zangardi, got ready for her big night with hairstylist Danielle Priano and makeup artist Hung Vanngo. Vanngo used NakedBeauty MD Damsk Rose Revitalizing Gold-Infused Hydrogel Eye Masks to hydrate and plump Delevingne’s eyes – the ideal start to a glamorous night and the foundation for her makeup look.

Delevingne has been making waves on red carpets this awards season. She looked stunningly glamorous on the 2023 SAG Awards red carpet.

At the award show, model-actress Carolina Herrera, 30, stunned in an eye-catching long sleeve jumpsuit featuring plunging neckline decorated with large rosette appliques from their Fall/Winter 2023 collection. Additionally, this designer piece featured an overskirt which the star proudly showed off while walking down the red carpet.

Delevingne finished off her ensemble with black satin Casadei platform sandals and an amazing 74.73 carat necklace made of De Beers diamonds!

“Excited to be attending my first @sagawards tonight as part of the nominated cast of @onlymurdershulu!” she posted on Instagram alongside a picture of herself wearing the award show look.

Before the event, she shared on her Instagram Stories a behind-the-scenes glimpse of her beauty prep with Dior Beauty and celebrity esthetician Sarah Akram. To top it off, she donned bold brows and an intense red lip for full glam perfection.

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Delevingne has never shied away from making daring fashion statements at red carpet events. Last year, she graced the MIPCOM 2022 Fremantle photocall in Cannes wearing a flowy black minidress with sweetheart neckline and cutouts, paired with black heels with ankle-cuff detail and delicate jewelry. Delevingne kept her makeup understated but glamorous with a nude lip and glowing cheeks.

Cara Delevingne Reveals She Cried Watching Rihanna Perform at Super Bowl: ‘I Felt So Proud’

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

The Only Murders in the Building star chose soft waves for her hairstyle, giving off an effortless aesthetic that complemented her breezy dress perfectly.

Delevingne also donned an all-black ensemble when she hit the red carpet at Paris Fashion Week last September.

Delevingne had earlier missed a New York Fashion Week event to honor her collaboration with late designer Karl Lagerfeld, Cara Loves Karl. However, she was present at the Paris party to commemorate this momentous milestone.

Delevingne donned an oversized tuxedo blazer adorned with a harness belt bearing her late designer’s name and atelier address. Finishing off the ensemble were red lips and thigh-high black boots.

On Thursday morning, Delevingne debuted another Cara Loves Karl ensemble on Instagram with a carousel of photos featuring an elegant black blazer, matching pants and classic pointed-toe pumps. She chose not to wear a blouse underneath the blazer to show off its plunging neckline.


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Hyundai Verna Launched in India 2023: Pricing, Availability, Engine, Safety, Interior Review



Hyundai Verna Launched in India 2023

Hyundai Verna Launched in India 2023: This updated model offers a radical redesign in terms of design, powertrain, and features over its predecessor. Furthermore, Hyundai has included some first-of-a-kind features not seen before on this generation of Verna. Primarily competing against it are Honda City 2023 hybrid cars which also offer hybrid powertrain options.

Pricing and Availability for the Hyundai Verna

The Hyundai Verna 2023 has been launched at an introductory price of Rs 10.90 lakh, with the most expensive variant priced at Rs 17.37 lakh (all prices ex-showroom). These prices are ex-showroom and subject to change without notice.

Explore the pricing details for the new Hyundai Verna 2023:

The Hyundai Verna 2023 is available in six variants: EX, S, SX(O), SX Turbo, and SX(O) Turbo. Customers can select between manual transmission, IVT, or DCT for their driving experience.

Hyundai Verna 2023 Engine Options

In terms of powertrain options, the Hyundai Verna 2023 will feature a 1.5-liter MPi variant and a 1.5-liter GDi petrol engine. It will be offered in nine color options totaling seven solid shades plus two dual-tone shades.

Hyundai Verna 2023 Safety

As standard equipment, the Verna comes with six airbags and other features like seatbelt reminders and three-point seatbelts. Furthermore, it gets Level 2 ADAS protection as well.

Hyundai Verna 2023 Interior Options

Hyundai Verna 2023 Interior Options

The Hyundai Verna 2023 will be offered dual-tone black and beige interiors. Plus, all major touch points feature soft-touch elements for added comfort.

The new Hyundai Verna 2023 boasts larger dimensions compared to its predecessor, providing more interior space as well as a 528-liter boot for storage needs.

The Hyundai Verna 2023 boasts a host of features, such as its 10.25-inch infotainment system with Bose speakers, multi-language support, and over 65 connected car tech options.

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How Did South African Rapper Costa Titch Tragic Death?



Titch Tragic Death

Costa Titch had big plans and big dreams. On Saturday night, however, fans of the South African rapper feared for the worst when he collapsed during a performance. Later, his family issued a statement on Instagram lamenting the tragic knock at their door. Police continue to probe the tragic death of 28-year-old. Tributes have been paid to him as they continue their investigation. BBC 1Xtra presenter Jeremiah Asiamah, who interviewed Costa Titch just weeks prior, expressed her sorrow over the passing. “Not just for fans of amapiano music,” he tells BBC Newsbeat, but for all who appreciate great music.” “His presence is contagious – just like his music!”

How did Costa Titch Died?

Videos posted to social media show Costa collapsing twice before falling off the stage during his performance at Ultra South Africa festival in Johannesburg. Organisers praised him as a beloved artist and “an inspiring voice in South Africa’s amapiano scene”. They expressed their sorrow over the sudden loss.

Contrary to what some have speculated online, no cause of death has been given. Local police say a post-mortem examination will determine the cause of death for Costa. His family has requested time and space as they try to make sense of what has befallen them while seeking closure.

Who was Costa Titch?

Costa Titch Born Constantinos Tsobanoglou, he began his career as a dancer before making an international breakthrough with his song Big Flexa in 2022. Last month, Akon announced a collaboration with his record label Konvict Kulture.

Rappers Swagger and Jeezy came together for a remix of the track that was named a ‘Rising Record’ on 1Xtra’s Rave Show. Costa stated on the show that despite its success, there are still many places around the world which haven’t heard about the record yet.

1Xtra host Jeremiah Asiamah predicts Costa Titch’s songs will now ‘hit even harder in the clubs’. Jeremiah believes Costa’s ambitions went far beyond just creating music.

“When speaking to me, he said to me ‘Big Flexa has done its thing. But I want to take it up a notch – show people I’m more than just a rapper or dancer; I am an accomplished musician’.”


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