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YouTube Promotion for Increase YouTube Traffic


How can music be promoted on YouTube? It’s not a simple job. Despite investing our hearts and souls into the music and video content, the majority of us are stuck with a few hundred YouTube views per video for  YouTube Promotion. It’s not the way it ought to be. I’ll discuss what I’ve discovered about using YouTube to promote my band’s music in this article. Please utilize my other SEO recommendations as well., content marketing, Facebook, Sound Cloud, and music promotion.

My music channel on YouTube

My music channel on YouTube is getting increasingly content-rich. I think my importance in the metal communities is gradually growing as well, as I’m receiving more and more subscribers over time for YouTube promotion. It includes music from my bands as well as cover songs, play through, and bands I want to support.

YouTube Promotion of Independent music

Extreme metal is one kind of underground music where I’ve seen cases of undiscovered bands who quickly reached over 100 000 views .Top results for genre queries like “melodic death metal,” “sludge metal,” or “shoegaze” are typically returned. There are still chances to score highly without paying any money on promotion, unlike on Facebook.

YouTube and independent music marketing

I’ve witnessed instances of undiscovered bands who have quickly reached over 100 000 views in underground music genres like extreme metal. They frequently receive the top results when people search for terms like “melodic death metal,” “sludge metal,” or “shoegaze.” Contrary to Facebook, there are still options to rank highly without investing any money in advertising.

How do you acquire views on YouTube for your music?

What can you do, though, to give people a chance to accomplish this with your songs, albums, and other videos? The three main sources of traffic are social media, search engines, and YouTube clicks (like recommended and similar videos). To optimize your Videos for search and clicks, begin by implementing the advice I’ve provided below.

Logic of the YouTube algorithm

Several of the most significant YouTube ranking elements are:

Typical viewing duration

Video title, description, and tags; quality; and view count

Google’s algorithm is distinct from that of YouTube. It has had certain exploitable weaknesses. The emphasis has shifted from keywords to user engagement measures, similar to Google for increase YouTube traffic.  A significant component that contributes to new videos trending strongly is average viewing time. This is not to say that keywords and other metadata are no longer significant. For your music videos, pay special attention to getting both.

Typical viewing duration (watch time)

The ranking criteria for YouTube watch time is precisely what it sounds like. How long does the typical viewer watch the video for? Offering engaging information is the most effective strategy to lengthen viewers’ sessions. A song with an album cover image is always outclassed by a lyric video. Longer videos are a surefire technique to get more YouTube views.

This does not imply that less valuable content is purposefully crammed into the videos. One approach is to upload complete albums or compile songs into one video and another so that the audience can understand it. In my experience, whole albums consistently receive more YouTube views than tracks.

The typical number of views on my YouTube channel

Since my YouTube channel has a tone of real-world music data, I’ll post some statistics from my songs and albums in various forms. It’s a fascinating contrast that clarifies the distinctions.

Although we are comparing several songs, the pattern is intriguing. The album cover video is overshadowed by the live screen lyrics video. The lengthy album-focused video triumphs over individual single videos. This demonstrates that using lengthy videos is a good idea.

YouTube video

The title of your video is crucial for YouTube success for two reasons: it defines your video for search and provides a user-friendly description. Without making it too long, try to include your genre and the year. Adding “similar to xxx” can also be a good idea if the band sounds similar to another one. In the end, it must be readable and SEO-optimized at the same time.

described in the video

Writing metadata for videos and other sorts of content is tedious as hell. You should therefore make an extra effort. I always strive to write a 300+ word video description for every video that I publish. Start off with the key identifying information, such as the artist, song, year, and genre.

YouTube tags

The tags may generate worthwhile referral traffic from videos that are comparable. To learn more about tags, conduct some study. Find the most read articles about the band you’re writing about, and put those in your tags. A clever but appropriate use of tags can increase views.

video caliber

Video quality is a frequently disregarded aspect in YouTube ranking. No matter if it’s only a music video with an album cover or simple words, YouTube prefers HD video. Make sure you do this because hardly many people do it. Don’t forget to give your video file a name that is consistent with the subject and title of the video. Additionally, it might affect rankings.

View count

A high view count is both a ranking indicator and a symbol of authority. Promoting your most well-liked videos is a wise strategy. Take a moment to picture someone seeing your channel profile for the first time. Isn’t it preferable to welcome them with a video with 50,000 views as opposed to one with 500 views?

Video platforms for promoting music

YouTube music advertising involves much more than just uploading your tunes. The better, the more you should consider content marketing. Here is a list of the most popular videos that musicians and bands can make to promote their work.

  • Play through
  • Cover music
  • current versions
  • practice versions
  • Live Q&A’s Reviews of music
  • prime lists

Spotify playlists

A neglected method of driving traffic to your YouTube channel is using playlists. It may be a means of gaining channel views and subscribers. If you’re a little cunning, you might be able to incorporate your own content into the playlists to attract the attention of the relevant viewers. For playlist themes, consider the following advice:

  • playlists by genre
  • Mood playlists
  • regional playlists
  • annual playlists

One more crucial point

Remember that creating a brand is a crucial component of all social media marketing. Your band, your own brand, or even a channel or page concept might be your brand. Make strategic use of familiar themes and other elements throughout the various platforms. Every thumbnail and profile picture is an opportunity to represent your brand. This is crucial if you want to set something apart, like your music channel on YouTube. In the end, it’s all about my bands for me. There is a reason why the Soliloquies – Contemplations promotion appears in nearly all of my internet profiles.


YouTube advice for musicians

My YouTube learnings have been condensed into a single, frenzied homepage piece. Did the article contain anything of value for you? Have you had success with anything that isn’t in the article’s list? Please leave a remark; I’m intrigued!

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