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Yuji Itadori : 10 things you didn’t know about



Yuji Itadori: Jujutsu Kaisen’s heart is Yuji Itadori, but what do fans know about this teen jujutsu sorcerer?

Yuji Itadori is a typical high school student in many ways. Jujutsu Kaisen’s main character has favorite hobbies and meals, and he participates in many of the same activities as other students his age.

Many fans of the series are aware that Yuji is a powerful jujutsu sorcerer, but there are many aspects that many fans are unaware of. These lesser-known facets of Yuji’s life, personality, and powers are crucial in understanding his character and what the future holds for everyone’s favorite sorcerer at Tokyo Jujutsu High.

He can run faster than Olympic athletes.


Yuji Itadori

Yuji’s strength is well-known among his supporters. He throws a shot over 30 meters in the first episode, easily shattering the world record, and this is before he even has access to cursed energy.

However, few fans realize that Yuji is strong and highly swift. He can sprint 50 meters in under three seconds, equivalent to approximately 37 miles per hour. His run is about two seconds slower than sprinter Donovan Bailey’s current world record of 5.56 seconds, established in 1996.

He can avoid even impossibly swift assaults, such as Eso’s Wing King Technique and Hanami’s cursed energy-infused plants, because to his unearthly speed.

His percentage of body fat is in the single digits.

Yuji is around typical height for a 15-year-old Japanese kid, standing 5 feet, 8 inches tall. Meanwhile, he weighs about 176 pounds, which is about average for a boy his age and height. These numbers aren’t very eye-opening on their own, but when combined with his body fat %, they become quite remarkable.

Yuji’s body fat percentage is in the single digits, putting him on par with professional bodybuilders and elite athletes. He’s built like a tank, with a physique that’s almost entirely made up of lean, fast-twitch muscular fibers. This explains why he is mighty and extremely quick and agile.

He is a skilled martial artist who practices Taido.

Yuji is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, as seen by many of his previous fights. He can make swift decisions in fights, and his punches are highly effective even without cursed energy.

Few fans know that Yuji is a skilled practitioner of the martial art Taido. While his skills in close combat are apparent, few fans are aware that he is a skilled practitioner of the martial art Taido.

Taido is a visually stunning martial art because of its spinning and falling techniques that combine punches and kicks.

In his fight with Mahito, Yuji uses Taido techniques like the Manji Kick, where he quickly unlocks his knees and hips to create momentum for a powerful roundhouse kick.

His favorite pastimes are watching television and impersonating celebrities.

Like many other youngsters his age, Yuji enjoys relaxing and having fun. A jujutsu sorcerer’s life isn’t easy, but he manages to keep a sense of humor despite dealing with life and death circumstances daily.

Yuji’s favorite pastimes are watching movies and impersonating celebrities. He demonstrates both when he makes a Tom Hanks impression while eating supper with Junpei and his mother while watching Cast Away.

Yuji and Junpei bond by their shared love of movies, and while Yuji is unable to save Junpei, viewers can hope that he does not lose his sense of humor.

He doesn’t eat anything he doesn’t like.

Yuji is revealed to be a picky eater throughout the series. He doesn’t dislike any cuisine however there are a few that he particularly adores.

Yuji is shown enjoying popcorn and a crepe loaded with cream and berries before meeting Nobara. Satoru offers to take the first-years out to supper after they finish their task in Roppongi, and Yuji says he wants steak.

When Nobara demands that they eat sushi instead, Yuji suggests Splendid Sushi, a sushi business that delivers sushi to clients via bullet train. Naturally, he and Nobara obsess about spinning sushi and think about driving out to eat sushi together.

He is a quick learner, yet he struggles with science.

Yuji is actually highly intelligent, despite Nobara’s statement that he looks like a “child who ate his own boogers.” Under the instruction of Aoi, he swiftly learns how to channel his cursed energy and manages to learn how to wield Black Flash in a single afternoon.

Yuji is smarter than many of his friends and followers belief, although he is not particularly gifted in science. In high school, he failed molecular science, and science discussions have been known to freak him out.

Yuji is noticeably bewildered when Satoru first explains the difference between cursed energy and cursed methods to him, and even after a demonstration, he appears more stressed than excited.

4He tends to be indecisive.

Yuji is a kind and sincere person who is highly passionate about what he does. He is willing to put his own life in jeopardy to protect his friends, as demonstrated during the events at the juvenile detention center. He is determined to ensure that individuals have the opportunity to die a good death devoid of unnecessary pain.

Yuji can be impulsive in battle and when his emotions get the best of him, but he can also be indecisive.

Yuji isn’t a hoodie man, according to the series’ author, Gege Akutami, but he wears them because he can be indecisive. Even Yuji’s Divergent Fist Technique hints at his indecisiveness, as the technique’s delayed reaction reflects his hesitation.

“Heart Ni Hi Wo Tsukete” by 9mm Parabellum Bullet and “Itsuka Dokoka De” by Kuchiroro are his theme songs.

Yuji is a pretty laid-back guy who seems to sail through life with ease although being a little rough around the edges. He takes everything in stride, from his grandfather’s death to nearly dying on several times, and his demeanour lends him an obvious air of calm.

As a result, it’s no surprise that Akutami has identified Yuji’s theme song as 9mm Parabellum Bullet’s “Heart ni Hi wo Tsukete” and Kuchiroro’s “Itsuka Dokoka De.”

“Heart ni Hi wa Tsukete” is a heart-pounding rock anthem, while “Itsuka Dokoka De” is a funky instrumental with ska and jazz influences. The two songs together wonderfully capture Yuji’s laid-back yet impassioned style.

His zodiac sign is Pisces, and his birthday is March 20th.

Jujutsu Kaisen is set in the year 2018, and while this information isn’t particularly significant on its own, it does disclose more about the key protagonists’ birth years.

Yuji is 15 years old when the episode begins, and his birthday is March 20th, thus he was born in the year 2003. This indicates that his Chinese Zodiac sign is sheep, which makes sense considering his mild and friendly demeanour.

Yuji is also a Pisces, according to his birth month. His astrological sign, once again, completely matches his personality, since he is extremely empathetic and generous. He is exceedingly generous and compassionate, and he would go out of his way to aid his buddies.

His surname is the same as a type of medicinal herb.

Yuji’s name has many implications that relate to his character for fans of the anime who can speak Japanese. Yuji is a typical Japanese first name that can mean “plenty, help, or brave,” depending on the Kanji used. When his name is broken down, the syllables have meaning, as “yu” means “slow” or “relaxing,” and “ji” means “caring for others.”

Yuji’s surname, Itadori, is less common but equally meaningful. Fallopia japonica, often known as Japanese knotweed, is called “itadori” in Japanese. Because it was extensively employed in ancient medicine, it translates to “take away pain.” His surname is derived from a medicinal herb, a beautiful metaphor for his compassionate attitude.

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