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Zayn Malik: Height, Wife, Networth, Hair style & Tatoo


Zayn Malik:¬† When people think of they might think of his height, wife, net worth, and hairstyle. But what is Zayn Malik’s real name? Bradford-born Zain Javadd Malik is a popular English singer-songwriter and reality TV star. Born and raised in Bradford, Malik auditioned for the hit TV show The X Factor in 2010.

Zayn Malik Height

Zyan Malik

When looking at Zayn Malik’s height, you have to consider how tall he is. The British singer and songwriter was born in Bradford, England and has achieved success internationally. He started his career by auditioning for a show called The X Factor. In 2010, his popularity skyrocketed after he won the competition. Since then, he’s become a household name. Listed below are some of his most notable facts.

Zayn Malik’s height was once ranked twenty-sixth on MTV’s list of the 50 sexiest people alive. His name has since become known as “Zayn”. He was also voted the world’s sexiest Asian man in 2016. His fame has come from his music. However, he earns most of his money through music sales. During his early years, he attended Lower Fields Primary School. As part of his education, he listened to many different genres of music and developed a love for rapping.

Zayn Malik Wife

If you’re wondering who Gigi Hadid is, you’re not alone. Gigi is a world famous model, who is also extremely popular in her own right. She has been featured in various magazine pages and on TV shows. In fact, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have been linked since November 2015, when they were photographed leaving a West Hollywood restaurant. The pair later confirmed their relationship in December of the same year.

Gigi and Zayn’s relationship has been described as toxic before their split, but since then, things are much better. A close family friend of Gigi revealed that the two had become more distant. Gigi had gotten used to being separated from her former boyfriend, but she and Zayn are still living together. The singer has not publicly confirmed his wife’s identity, but she has been seen with him in various pictures and videos.

Zayn Malik Networth

The British singer, 24, is reportedly worth around $75 million. According to Sunday Times Rich List, there was no change in his net worth over the past year. However, he has likely made a lot of money from his collaborations with high-end and luxury brands. His home in North London has a high market value, whereas his property in Los Angeles is priced at $3.2 million. Despite his relatively modest net worth, Zayn Malik still maintains a large estate, which includes a farm in rural Pennsylvania.

Prior to his music career, Zayn dated a number of women. His first girlfriend was X Factor winner Perrie Edwards, and the couple was engaged in 2013. Later on, he was engaged to model and actress Gigi Hadid. He and Hadid later broke up, and Gigi has since been dating. The couple has a daughter together, named Khai. In 2017, he was sentenced to 360 days of probation for four harassment charges.

Zayn Malik Hair Style

This Zayn Malik hairstyle is a combination of long, layered locks with a front drag. The sides are trimmed to an inch, and the top is left with thick, wavy strands that point backwards. A side sweep is added to the top, and some strands are combed to the side of the eye. The result is a handsome, caving look. The singer also maintains his hair to a shoulder-length fountain.

This Zayn Malik hair style is one of the most popular trends today. The short sideburns join the beard line, and the top of his hair is left a little longer than the sides. The sides and back of his hair should be a few inches shorter than the top, and a skin fade is also a fashionable look. It is easy to style, and requires little maintenance. To recreate the look, you can use hair gel or hair wax to hold the combed-back quiff in place.

Zayn Malik Tatoo

The latest tattoo of Zayn Malik is located just above his ears. This design is a flamboyant homage to comic books and gives him a sparkly look. He has tattoos on all areas of his body, including his neck. The tattoo of a tiny flying bird is a beautiful addition to his body and conveys an attitude of freedom. It is difficult to know exactly what the tattoo of Zayn Malik is, but fans are certain to love it.

The flamboyant pop star also has a tiger tattoo on his left leg. The tattoo of a snake on the right shoulder is reminiscent of the tiger and snake that represent strength and power. The singer has a few animal-themed tattoos on his body, including a monkey with wings in space. Despite being part of the pop star’s entourage, he’s not shy about getting ink.

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