Plandemic Video Is Thriving Across Non-English Internet

William West / Getty Images Anti-lockdown protesters hold placards on the steps of Victoria’s state parliament in Melbourne, May 10. English-language mentions of the conspiratorial video “Plandemic” have dwindled since it debuted in May. But according to new research exclusively shared with BuzzFeed News by […]
Posted on 31 mins ago

Kriti Sanon’s latest post on social media leaves fans confused 

Sushant Singh Rajput passed away on June 14 and ever since then the investigation surrounding his death has become the nation’s biggest interest. With each passing day, as new developments emerge, things seem to get even murkier.   Now, Kriti Sanon shared a cryptic post […]
Posted on 31 mins ago

ERC-20 token’s market cap overtakes Ethereum’s By Cointelegraph

Cointelegraph Consulting: ERC-20 token’s market cap overtakes Ethereum’s The latest findings by Santiment, published in Cointelegraph Consulting’s biweekly newsletter, suggest that is temporarily being ‘professionalized’. Since the September 2nd market crash, the combined market capitalization of all ERC-20 assets has overtaken Ethereum’s own market cap, […]