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An Inside Look into the 3 Phases of Addiction Recovery


Addiction Recovery: The road to recovery from addiction comes in three stages: detoxification, inpatient treatment, and outpatient treatment. Each one of these stages can mark an important milestone in moving forward to a more fulfilling, sober life.

An Inside Look into the 3 Phases of Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery

In the first phases of recovery, it’s important that you find a facility where you feel safe and comfortable. You’ll want to make sure you identify with the content of the center’s program.

Research a facility where you feel you would be most likely to finish the program by looking for “treatment centers near me”

Detoxification: Removing Drugs from the Body Safely

For some patients, the effects of going off drugs or alcohol can turn quickly into a medical emergency. In the detox stage, you are medically monitored to ensure your safety. Depending on your addiction, you may receive medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to diminish withdrawal effects.

Counseling will help you remember that early withdrawal effects don’t last forever, and it’s possible to stay the course and reach the other side. When you look for “treatment centers near me,” make sure you include this part of the program, which is medically necessary.

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Inpatient Treatment: Learning New Tools and Ways to Cope

In this phase, patients usually live inside the treatment center. You can look for a “treatment center near me” and find many centers located near your home that have different focuses, including spiritual practice, trauma counseling, or a traditional 12-step program.

There are many different types of inpatient programs, but regardless of the focus, it’s important to choose a center with qualified medical staff and therapists in addition to a good track record of helping patients to the next stage of recovery.

Some patients choose a partial hospitalization program (PHP), which allows them to return to a sober living space outside the treatment center after a full day of comprehensive care.

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This gives you more flexibility over your schedule and living arrangements.

Outpatient Treatment: Continuing to Practice Sober Living

Outpatient treatment is the transition to the real world. You’ll need to look for “outpatient treatment centers near me” so that you find one close enough to return to your home and go back to work or school, if you hold a job or attend classes.

In this phase, you’ll participate in group classes and therapy after work or school hours that will help you connect to others working through similar experiences. You’ll learn to cope with some of your day-to-day struggles without reaching for your addiction.

Finding A New Life at a Treatment Center Near Me

You might be hesitant to try a treatment program at first, and you may not know if your addiction is “bad enough” to warrant a full program. When you search “treatment centers near me,” you’ll find many flexible programs to help you get serious about getting sober.

You’ll learn about your addiction and yourself, and work on how to set goals, build relationships, and find a more fulfilling life. If you’re struggling with addiction, consider a program to give yourself the gift of counseling and the tools to stick to sobriety.