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Adeel Raja, CNN fires Pakistan-based Adeel Raja contributor


Adeel Raja has been a freelancer and has worked for CNN for many years.

Still, he has been told not to engage with CNN anymore after he posted a tweet about Hitler in which he appears to be praising him, after which CNN decided not to engage with him any longer, resulting in their divorce.

He has been working in Islamabad, Pakistan, and has now been fired by the media house as he has tweeted an anti-Semitic line that is directly relatable to the Holocaust.

Who is Adeel Raja?

Adeel Raja

He declared in his tweet that the world requires a Hitler to restore equilibrium, which is the ridiculous thing you can think of, and he has undoubtedly earned the medal for uttering the most incomprehensible statement of the decade.

The tweet was deleted by the individual who sent it on Sunday, May 16th, 2021, and the public reacted by beating him for making such a statement, following which he withdrew the message in less than three hours.

When asked about the gut, the CNN spokesperson stated unequivocally that he had no idea such a person existed, but now that he is aware of the tweet that he has posted, he has stated unequivocally that he can no longer work for CNN.

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While he has done a lot for CNN, stating such a thing will never work in your favour, and now the guy has definitely lost his credibility, and it will be difficult for him to find work.

Wikipedia has an entry for Adeel Raja

He has been a part of the CNN team since his early years in journalism, joining them in 2013 and working for them ever since, but his run came to an end on Sunday after the obnoxious tweet that he had posted.

He has also worked with many other media houses and it appears that he has done a lot of work, but being stupid can be a difficult situation.

Anti-Semitic tweets from Adeel Raja

And after people learned about this tweet, many people began digging through his earlier tweets.

It was discovered that in 2014, during the FIFA World Cup, he tweeted that he is supporting Germany because he has ties to Hitler and that he did the right thing with those Jews, which is insane to say, especially coming from a journalist.

Many other tweets were also discovered, putting the man in serious trouble.

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