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Anil Bheem Passed Away: What Happened To Anil Bheem? | Latest Updates


Anil Bheem Has Passed Away

Anil “The Vocalist” Bheem, an acclaimed Trinidadian singer and DJ known for his distinctive vocal talent, passed away peacefully at 48 on Saturday February 4th 2023. Radio station 103.1FM broke this sad news and issued a statement expressing their deepest sympathies to Anil’s wife, daughters, family, friends, colleagues, fans, etc.

Anil Bheem Passed Away

Anil Bheem’s Life and Career Path

Anil Bheem was an iconic musician and radio personality in Trinidad and Tobago. As founder and leader of The BMRZ Empire, he became well-known during the 1990s for hosting Chutney Train, one of the highest rated Indian programs ever on Saturday mornings. Anil was known for his musical and radio work as well as being one of the top DJs in the Caribbean region.

Anil managed to keep his family out of the public eye despite his success and there is limited information about them available. Prematee Bheem and Cheryl Bheem survive him, with two daughters named Neelun and Prithivi.

Anil Bheem Passes Away at 47

Anil Bheem Passes Away at 47

Media reports do not reveal the true cause of Anil Bheem’s death; however, speculation suggests it could have been due to a heart attack as he passed away after performing in two pre-carnival events.

News of Anil’s passing was met with an outpouring of grief from both fans and friends, who offer our condolences during this difficult time for his family. We offer our deepest condolences during this tragic loss.


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