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Animated Movies You Should Watch With Your Kids



Animated Movies You Should Watch With Your KidsOne of our cherished memories from our childhood is watching some cool animated movies with our parents and siblings. Sitting with them in the living room and enjoying a bowl of popcorn while cozying up to a wholesome film is something we all loved so much.

It used to be our preferred way of spending nights while snowed in. If you have clicked on this article, then there is a pretty good chance that you also have the same memory and now want to recreate them with your kids. Follow CENTRALFALLOUT for more updates.

Animated Movies You Should Watch With Your Kids

Animated Movies Watch With Kids

It is a much-needed method to unwind after a day of a hectic routine in this digital age. This also helps you in spending quality time with your kids. Also, can we say that no matter how old you get, animated movies always bring you the same amount of joy the way they used to back when you were a kid? 

So, if you are looking for one of the best animated movies to watch with your kids, keep reading because we have some fascinating and unique entries. 


Monster Inc. 

Monster inc.

Monsters Inc. is a perfect movie to unwind after an exhausting day. It makes you laugh, and you cannot help but adore every scene. The silly banter of Mike and Sully has us in fits. Each scene where we get to meet Boo is wonderful. The kid is so cute that we often forget that she is just an animated character and not a real kid. 

The movie follows the lives of Mike and Sully, who are considered the top scarers at the Monsters, Inc. But their lives take a 180 shift when a human girl from the real world enters their world of monsters. What happens when they have to hide that girl, and how will they resist her cute childish acts? Watch the movie with your whole family and enjoy every second of it. 

Finding Nemo 

finding nemo

Even if you have watched this movie ten times, you can still put it on again because it is so good that you never get bored. And hey, if you want to teach your kids that most of the time, parents are right when they stop you from doing something stupid, then you should stream it on the next movie night.

The movie tells the story of Nemo, a young fish who gets abducted from the Great Barrier Reef, and after some time, he ends up in Sydney. His father, Marlin, a clownfish who quickly gets worried about his son’s well-being, goes in search of him while seeking help from a forgetful fish named Dory. They both embark on a journey to bring Nemo back home safely. Will they be able to do it? And is Nemo finally going to learn the lesson? To find this out, you need to check out this movie. 




Watching this movie is an experience in itself. It makes you think about things that you never really thought of before. Also, we have to admit that we have tried recreating the dish so many times but failed miserably. Is it possible to hire a cook like Remy? Asking for a friend. 

Speaking of Remy, he is a rat who aspires to become one of the top chefs in France. But as expected, he fails every time and realizes that people in the human world are not ready to accept rodents. They despise living amongst them and will probably enjoy food cooked by him. So, he devises a plan when he accidentally meets Alfredo, and together they cook one of the tastiest meals anyone could ever taste in France. 

To Sum Up 

Watching an animation with your whole family is one of the healthiest ways to spend time with your family. It brings you closer and allows you to bond with each other. We have mentioned all the best movies you can watch with your kids without getting bored. 

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