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Presenting the launch of a new artificial intelligence PSA


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Last week I discussed how Artificial Intelligence could help you prepare for that daunting office meeting. Now let’s use all that hard earned money on something more enjoyable: shopping.

artificial intelligence PSA
artificial intelligence PSA

Research can often be the longest and most tedious part of shopping, taking hours of your valuable time just to scour reviews sites and find items suitable to you – be they coffee equipment or hotel rooms which provide both convenience and affordability.

As part of this exercise, I will demonstrate what A.I. can do to assist consumers in making quick and informed purchasing decisions efficiently and quickly. For this activity, I will utilize chatbots such as Microsoft Bing, Google Bard and OpenAI ChatGPT in product research. Furthermore, I will explore their plug-in functionality for creating grocery lists and planning travel.

Now let’s say you prefer making coffee in a French press, and are searching for an under $200 grinder. Your typical research process might involve conducting an Internet search and reading reviews about various models available.

Artificial Intelligence chatbots can streamline this process. Microsoft Bing and Google Bard, which are both linked with search engines by default, currently offer the most up-to-date product recommendations.

As with most tasks, using an appropriate prompt will yield optimal results. To take this example further, type something such as: “Act as my shopping assistant. I am searching for a coffee bean grinder suitable for French press that has excellent reviews but costs no more than $200.” In response, Bing and Bard will provide lists of grinders which meet these criteria.

Chatbots can also answer more complex queries, like which household appliances will last long-term. Type “Act as my shopping assistant. I need a refrigerator – which brands have the highest reliability rating and which models from them have received rave reviews?” to get their response.

Bots can tell you which appliances have received top reliability ratings from publications like Consumer Reports or The Times’ own Wirecutter.

At any time when using a chatbot, it’s wise to double check its results for accuracy. A web search can quickly verify whether or not its recommendations match up with what was suggested by your bot.

Now let’s consider what lies ahead. OpenAI is currently creating a plug-in platform, a third-party app store which enables users to add capabilities and functionalities to ChatGPT. Unfortunately, only subscribers paying $20 per month for ChatGPT Plus are able to take advantage of plug-ins, including those for web browsing and shopping.

To use plug-ins as a paying subscriber of ChatGPT, navigate to its settings menu, click “beta features,” and toggle the plug-in option on. Afterward, go into GPT-4 tab of chatGPT app/website, click “plugins,” click downward arrow for plugin store, search Instacart app from there.

Enter this as your query into our chatbot: I am making pasta Bolognese; what are its ingredients?” The chatbot will list these components of the dish before offering to generate a shopping list for you.

Another innovative use for the plug-in is for shopping around dietary restrictions. For instance, “I am cooking dinner for a pescatarian. Please give me suggestions and ingredients.” The bot will suggest an item such as lemon garlic butter shrimp as well as its ingredients.

Clicking the list will bring you directly to Instacart, where you can automatically load all items onto your cart and choose which grocery store they should come from.

If you don’t want to pay for ChatGPT Plus, A.I. can still help with grocery shopping. Simply ask Bing for the recipe and its ingredients list – then ask it again to organize your list by grocery store aisle.

Kayak and Expedia both offer plug-ins to aid trip planning. For instance, finding an affordable hotel within walking distance to tourism spots for up to $500 per night typically involves perusing reviews and studying maps – this feature makes this easier.

Let’s use the Expedia plug-in as a short cut.

“I will be traveling to Florence, Italy starting July. Please provide me with well-reviewed hotels that are within walking distance to tourist attractions at an approximate budget of $500 a night.” The bot responded with a list of 9-rated hotels on Expedia that are near attractions like Central Market and Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.

Search flights easily using Expedia with ChatGPT using Expedia’s plug-in. Simply ask “I am trying to fly from San Francisco to Milan on July 28. What are my best options with short layovers?”; Expedia will then return three flights from KLM, Delta and United with single layovers lasting no longer than two hours (Bard and Bing gave generic information that did not match ticket prices – unhelpful)

Next week, I will explore how Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) can be used to organize your life.

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