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Athena Strand ‘7’ Murdered Accused of FedEx Driver


Athena Strand ‘7’ Murdered, FedEx  driver was arrested and charged with kidnapping and murdering 7-year old Athena Strand. Authorities announced the arrest Dec. 2, 2022.  ALL FedEx driver Tanner Horner, Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin stated that he is suspected to have kidnapped Athena Strand ‘7’ and killed her in “a crime by opportunity.”

while delivering a parcel outside her home. Akin spoke exclusively to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, saying that although Athena’s cause has not  established, “we believe she die by him hand.” He said that it does not appear that the FedEx truck killed the child.

FedEx released a statement late Friday saying that “words cannot express our shock and sadness at the reports surrounding this tragic incident.” Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this difficult time. We continue to cooperate with the investigating authorities. Any further questions should directed at law enforcement.

Athena Strand '7' Murdered
Athena Strand ‘7’ Murdered

Athena Strand ‘7’ Murdered By FedEx Driver

Athena Strand, ‘7’ years old, was abduct from her father’s Paradise home, Texas on November 30, 2022 and allegedly killed by Tanner Horner according to official report, a FedEx driver.

Law enforcement found out that Athena disappeared around the same time as a FedEx parcel. Further investigations led to Tanner Horner, FedEx driver. On December 2, he was taken into custody and charg with aggravated murder and kidnapping.

Athena’s body, which was nine miles from Paradise, was found along the Trinity River that day. Horner, 31, claims that he accidentally drove his delivery van into Athena and caused her minor injuries. He panicked at this point and began to fear what might happen to her father. Horner took Athena into the back seat of the car where he strangled her.

Horner confessed to his crime shortly after  taken into custody. However, many are skeptical about Horner’s version of events. Horner was also charge in Tarrant County with three counts for sexual assault of a minor.

These charges are not related to Athena’s murder and kidnapping but relate to incidents that occurred in 2013. It’s not clear if all of these incidents involve the exact same victim. Horner will make his first court appearance on January 5, 2023, regarding these charges.

A Cutest Girl Athena Strand only 7 years old

Athena Strand was a little girl who was only 7year old  who loved her older sisters and loved pink. She dreamed of being a Viking Princess. Maitlyn Gandy (26 years old) “Athena has the most innocent, beautiful, kind and intelligent soul I have ever met.”

She spoke with heartbreaking honesty about the devastating effects this unimaginable loss has on their family. Rilyn, Athena’s three-year old sister, isn’t understanding why her “sissy” hasn’t returned yet. Gandy said that it was difficult for her to leave without seeing her sister.

Gandy shared this statement about her daughter’s suspected killer:

“If I could, I would tell him he is nothing but Athena is absolutely all–and I will make certain that everyone in the world knows that they are both nothing and everything.”

Jacob Strand, Athena’s father, is suing Tanner Horner, FedEx, and Big Topspin Inc. claiming that they did not do enough research on Horner’s background prior to hiring him. Athena Strand’s family hopes Horner will sentenced to death.

FedEx  driver Tanner Horner arrested and charged

Tanner Horner was charge with capital murder and aggravate kidnapping. He was indicte by a Wise County grand jury. Maitlyn Gandy was Athena’s mom.

“I want to thank the Wise County Grand Jury for their part in this process. It was difficult for them to hear the details and circumstances of my 7 year old daughter’s murder and kidnapping. They should know how much they are appreciate.

She continued to say that she appreciated “everyone’s continued support, and for keeping Athena’s name and memories alive.” Athena’s case has not yet  set for any further court dates. A capital murder case can take anywhere from 18 months to 2 years to reach trial. For More Update Follow centralfallout.com

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