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10 Best Anime Series That Are Way Too Short


The Japanese anime industry is renowned for its long-running animated series such as One Piece and Detective Conan, while other franchises like Dragon Ball or Yu-Gi-Oh have multiple series and seasons under their belts. While these are all industry giants, sometimes simplicity can be just as effective.

Most anime series are only one season long, and many excellent ones never got their much-desired second seasons. Many fans agree that these great shows have potential to shine in second or even third seasons and continue providing quality content. On the other hand, some great anime may actually be complete in one season but its quality was so great fans would eagerly await a second installment regardless.

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1. Highschool Of The Dead

Anime Series
Anime Series

Highschool of the Dead was an iconic zombie survival action anime series that ended abruptly when its creator passed away. Given how long ago that was, it seems unlikely that fans will continue watching even if a reboot takes place.

Highschool of the Dead follows several high schoolers on their brutal quest to survive a zombie apocalypse. With crisp visuals, gory action scenes, and plenty of fan service just because, Highschool of the Dead delivers an entertaining ride for viewers.

2. One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man
One-Punch Man

Season 2 of One-Punch Man was somewhat underwhelming compared to the enthralling hype that surrounded Season 1. However, the original manga remains an enjoyable adventure and fans may agree that there should be a Season 3 and 4 soon.

One-Punch Man is far more than just a parody of shonen superhero anime. It’s also an incredibly deep character study of one depressed but hopeful caped baldy named Saitama, and his struggles extend far beyond finding an enemy to fight. This anime must continue so Saitama’s remarkable character arc can continue in its next phase.

3. A Place Beyond The Universe

A Place Further Than the Universe is often overlooked as a short but sweet anime about four high school girls who embark on an exotic trip to Antarctica. It has an “awwwwwwww” vibe with some mild edutainment elements mixed in, as well as some intense drama near the end.

This anime only lasts 12 episodes, but it could have spent even more time on this once-in-a-lifetime journey and explored Antarctica more thoroughly. The first few episodes were well paced, but the last two felt rushed; thus, more episodes overall would have been beneficial.

4. My Dress-Up Darling

My Dress-Up Darling is an engaging romantic comedy anime that has only had one 12-episode season so far. It was a major hit in 2022, and with hindsight it could and should have had a 24-episode first season despite its inherent risks.

Darling is all about celebrating the beauty of cosplays and love, with genki girl Marin Kitagawa teaming up with dandere tailor Wakana Gojo to craft some stunning costumes. Marin and Gojo share an infectious chemistry as friends and potential lovers, complementing each other’s strengths in equal measure.

5. Grand Blue

Grand Blue is an anime based on the beloved Grand Blue Dreaming manga series that continues to be published with 18 volumes. While both shows are enjoyable, one season just isn’t enough for comedy enthusiasts.

Grand Blue offers it all – from a refreshing college setting to its focus on SCUBA diving and stunning natural landscapes to hilarious characters and plenty of misadventures. Even if it seems unlikely, Grand Blue deserves another season to keep the comedy gold flowing strong.

6. Wotakoi: Love Can Be Struggle for Otaku

Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku is one of those short but sweet anime series that can easily get another season to finish the story without running out of steam. In fact, the original manga has 11 volumes so adapting everything into anime should be a breeze.

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Wotakoi offers an insightful look into office life and 20-something experiences, making it stand out in a sea of romcoms featuring teenage leads. This anime boasts sharply written humor, impressive animation, captivating characters, and plenty of pop culture references for viewers to enjoy.

7. No Game No Life

For years, No Game No Life has been seen as the classic example of an anime series that needs more material, yet likely won’t get it. With only one season and over a decade waiting for potential Season 2, many anime fans still hold it in high regard as one of their best shows.

No Game No Life may be too short, but it’s still an enjoyable anime worth binge-watching in one afternoon or evening. Starring Sora and Shiro as foster brother/sister duo Sora and Shiro, No Game No Life challenges their powerful minds in an entirely new way.

8. Chainsaw Man

New anime series typically receive 12 episodes for their initial season, just in case things don’t work out. But Chainsaw Man had built up quite a buzz, with an established manga series to back it up.

Chainsaw Man’s first season could have easily had 24 episodes instead of 12, and fans would have loved it. Instead, anime-only viewers are stuck with just 12 episodes and must wait months or even over a year for more shonen adventures with Denji and Power.

9. Cells At Work

Cells at Work! has two seasons with 24 episodes total. It’s an excellent edutainment anime with creative visuals, wonderful humor, and action scenes; given how complex medicine can be, there may easily be two or three more seasons in the future.

It’s true that there are spinoff manga and anime series such as Cells at Work: Code BLACK and Cells at Work! Baby, but the main series remains the best and doesn’t yet have enough episodes available. However, dedicated fans can make do with various manga series available today.

10. Black Lagoon

For casual anime fans, Black Lagoon offers plenty of content. At present, there’s a double-length season and several OVAs featuring brutal combat maid Roberta – a fan favorite.

Fans of the excellent seinen action series Black Lagoon may agree that it is too short and needs twice as much content. Even if there have been hiatuses in production, there is still enough material for 12 episodes.