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Top Bookcase Speakers for the Majority of Stereos


Due to the discontinuation of JBL Stage A130 speakers, we are conducting rigorous tests of possible replacement models. Please refer to “What to Expect Next” for further details.sweat laine merinos France converse junior cuir France pull laine yak France pull laine mohair France pull laine et coton France converse star player cuir France pull laine mohair France pull laine et coton France converse junior cuir France pull laine italien France birkenstock semelle etroite France pull en laine France pull en laine France pull en laine uniqlo France sweat laine merinos France

An ideal pair of bookshelf speakers should last many years while providing superior sound performance than all-in-one Bluetooth and Wi-Fi tabletop speakers.

bookshelf speakers
bookshelf speakers

Triangle Borea BR03 sets are our go-to passive bookshelf speakers when pairing with an amp or receiver, while Edifier S1000MKII pairs come equipped with built-in amplifiers and Bluetooth capabilities, making them outstanding options to consider when selecting passive bookshelf speakers for pairing purposes.

Triangle Borea BR03 Passive Bookshelf Speakers [Passive Speakers] is our Recommended Choice.

This bookshelf speaker pair stands out, featuring exceptional clarity and spaciousness with ample bass response. Their sleek design may make them less suitable for smaller spaces due to their size.

Amazon currently sells them at $349.00 each (pair). Alternatively, Q Acoustics 3020i may make for a suitable stylish alternative.

These speakers produce less bass than our top pick, yet are smaller and sleeker in form factor. We love their stylish appearance.

Budget Pick: $359 from Amazon (Pair) This pair comes close to matching the performance of our other selections while remaining significantly more economical; its styling, however, remains generic.

Purchase Options Are Available on Amazon (We Suggest the Edifier S1000MKII Powered Bookshelf Speakers as Our Pick).

This powered speaker pair delivers top-of-the-line sound quality while offering convenient features such as Bluetooth support, bass/treble controls and a remote.

Amazon sells Options as pairs starting at $404 while Best Buy sells them individually at $250 each. ELAC Debut ConneX DCB41s make excellent powered speakers for vinyl enthusiasts.

These versatile speakers deliver stunning audio (albeit lacking in bass). Equipped with both phono input for turntable use and HDMI connectivity for television viewing – as well as both phono & HDMI jacks to make life easy.

How We Selected and Tested (We purchased two pairs from Amazon for $600 each.).

To meet all buyer expectations, we conducted comprehensive tests on traditional passive speakers as well as active powered ones.

Price Range Our speakers span from budget models under $50 all the way through audiophile-oriented options that cost up to $600 per pair.

Unbiased Testing

To ensure impartial evaluations, we conduct tests using experienced listeners while concealing models’ identities so as to prevent bias from entering testing results.


We conduct measurements on every system we test as well as subjective panel testing to gain an objective second opinion and detect any anomalies or discrepancies that might exist.

Triangle Borea BR03 passive bookshelf speakers have quickly become our go-to pick.

This bookshelf speaker pair stands out as one of our top picks, boasting impressive clarity, spaciousness, and ample bass response. Their design is also pleasing yet somewhat large and boxy – an impressive feat indeed!

Amazon currently offers an Amazon Gift card worth $349. For serious music fans on a tight budget looking for audiophile-grade speakers without spending thousands, Triangle Borea BR03 Bookshelf Speakers provide fuller and more realistic sound than typical bookshelf models bringing voices and instruments closer to reality than ever. Even non-audio enthusiasts will appreciate how great these speakers sound!

The BR03 comes with various eye-catching finishes, but some individuals may find them too large and boxy for their living rooms.

Q Acoustics 3020i earned our second place award as an attractive speaker system.

These speakers produce less bass than our top pick, yet feature smaller bodies and designs we find appealing. We strongly suggest them.

Amazon currently offers three packages at $359 each through their marketplaces.

Q Acoustics 3020i speakers offer modern aesthetics while still producing great sound, with just enough bass to satisfy most. Their beautifully designed set includes rounded corners to prevent chipping and four different finish options to choose from.

Budget Pick

Our Budget Pick comes close to matching our other recommendations in terms of performance while remaining considerably cheaper, although its styling remains somewhat generic.

Music fans who appreciate value will love the JBL Stage A130 set. When used at conversational volumes or slightly above, these passive speakers deliver near perfect clarity; but once turned up they may become less so; especially when listening to hip-hop or heavy rock tracks. Unfortunately their lower price point requires generic black-box designs which make these speakers an unattractive addition in a living room setting.

Our Editors selected Edifier S1000MKII as one of the finest powered bookshelf speakers currently available.

This powered speaker pair provides great sound, looks great and comes equipped with convenient features like Bluetooth compatibility, bass/treble controls and a remote for optimal operation.

Amazon (per pair). In our tests, the Edifier S1000MKII set was one of the top all-in-one powered speaker systems under $600. Our tests demonstrated it had the sweetest, naturalest and most detailed treble range – making instruments and vocals sound clearer.

This powered speaker offers an attractive retro design, as well as features including tone controls, remote, multiple inputs and Bluetooth support for accessing music directly from mobile devices.

Vinyl enthusiasts know that powered speakers like the ELAC Debut ConneX DCB41 speakers make great additions for vinyl enthusiasts.

These versatile speakers offer incredible sound (albeit with slightly muted bass). Furthermore, they feature both phono inputs for use with turntables and HDMI inputs for connecting them with TV sets.

Looking for speakers that will pair perfectly with any record player or turntable? Look no further! The ELAC Debut ConneX DCB41 powered speakers offer outstanding sound quality while remaining stylish – they feature an integrated phono preamp which amps up vinyl sounds – making this pair the ideal accompaniment to turntables without an internal preamp (like those featured in our turntable guide).

This DCB41 set boasts outstanding versatility with Bluetooth support, an HDMI input suitable for connecting TVs, and USB digital input to connect with computers.

These smaller speakers don’t offer as much bass power than Edifier S1000MKII pairs and cost more.

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Research, Planning and Selection. Our Choice: Triangle Borea BR03.

Runner Up: Q Acoustics 3020i.

Budget Alternative: JBL Stage A130.

Edifier S1000MKII powered bookshelf speakers offer outstanding performance.

Also amazing: ELAC Debut ConneX DCB41.

Additional bookshelf speakers that would make great additions include:

What to Expect in Competition (in 2016/2017) (Part A) Why You Can Trust Us I am a Senior Staff Writer for Wirecutter with over three decades of experience as both an audio editor/writer, as well as serving as an advisor on speaker measurement to many major tech companies worldwide.

As part of our original version and subsequent updates of this article, we solicited feedback from several listeners, including senior staff writer Lauren Dragan. Audio enthusiasts such as Paul DeMara, Greg Miller, Cam Steere and Darrin Vaughan provided invaluable contributions when conducting brand-concealed listening tests at Innovative Audio in Surrey BC.

Who Can Benefit Bookshelf Speakers are ideal for music enthusiasts seeking quality sound from wireless tabletop speakers in one piece without needing additional subwoofers (though more bass might still be desired depending on the genre of music being enjoyed). Their compact units can fit easily on shelves or stands while offering less bass output compared to tower models; still providing enough satisfaction compared to tower models; for those seeking additional bass there may be subwoofers available as an additional solution.

This guide introduces two categories of bookshelf speakers: passive models that must be connected to an AV receiver, stereo receiver or amplifier; and powered models equipped with amplifiers and inputs for analog sources as well as Bluetooth technology, digital inputs or even record player connectors.

Passive bookshelf speakers are an essential component of an audio system, as they will stand the test of time without becoming obsolete and are still repairable despite technology upgrades. Upgrading other aspects of your system won’t render them inoperable.

Powered speakers offer the advantage of simplifying your audio setup without compromising sound quality. All powered models feature at least one analog audio input; most offer some form of digital connectivity; some models even come equipped with phono inputs for turntables! While building amps into speakers may offer technical benefits, neither offer distinct improvements in terms of sound quality at these price ranges.

Bookshelf speakers go beyond music-listening: they make the ideal companions for movie and TV viewing when used as stereo pairs or combined with center and surround speakers to enhance surround-sound experiences. To find out more, take a look at our guide of the best surround-sound speakers for most people.

Excellent surround-sound speakers

Below $2,500 I Have Found the Five Top Surround-Sound Systems Available on the Market

Polk Signature Elite ES15, ES10 and ES30 Combo surround-sound systems have an elegant aesthetic and exceptional audio, which make them our choice as the premier system.

How We Tested We used several criteria when selecting models to be tested:

Size and Styling: These speakers are intended to blend in seamlessly with living rooms or dens, though they could also be used with computers for gaming or audio production (please visit our Best Computer Speakers Guide for recommendations). For optimal sound from these speakers it may be beneficial to place them on stands such as Sanus BF24B or Monoprice 39494 stands rather than shelves – placing too close to walls may cause bass frequencies to boom out too loudly while shelves may cause nearby objects to rattle around too much.

Cost: Our price limit for both passive and powered speaker pairs has been set at $600; anything higher could lead to models catering more towards audio enthusiasts with strong views about what makes their ideal pair.

Wireless Connectivity: When reviewing powered speakers, we place particular importance on those featuring Bluetooth technology. While some models may support more advanced codecs such as aptX or HD audio streaming codecs, we do not impose this restriction as part of our review criteria.

Extra Features: All powered speakers feature at least one analog audio input; we strive to find models with additional useful features like phono inputs, digital audio inputs and remote controls for optimal audio playback.

Readers were eager to understand exactly which benefits come with investing more in speakers.

Brent Butterworth provides insight into what benefits could arise from purchasing additional speakers.

Before conducting formal listening tests, I observe each system for several days to identify any possible obstacles a listener at home may face when setting it up and using it regularly.

Subtle black fabric sheets were then used to conceal my speakers before playing them for various audio experts and enthusiasts – you can read up on our testing methods in this blog post.

These tests focus on listening out for signs, such as:

Humans have developed the capacity for naturalistic voice reproduction through our daily interactions.

Imaging and Spaciness: Imaging refers to stereo speakers’ abilities of creating accurate sonic “images” of singers and instruments, while spaciousness (soundstaging) provides the feeling of immersion provided by stereo speakers. To get maximum enjoyment out of every listening experience, our system boasts speakers which excel both imaging and spaciousness – we prefer speakers which excel both. In order to do justice to both aspects of stereo speaker listening experience.

Bass: Audiences typically prefer speakers which can accurately reproduce deep bass notes while remaining balanced with midrange and treble sounds – otherwise the sound becomes boomy or thin.

For an accurate evaluation, we conducted frequency response measurements on each contender speaker. According to research (PDF), listeners tend to favor speakers with “flat” frequency responses – meaning all frequencies produced at approximately equal levels – that deliver consistent sound output regardless of sitting directly in front or off to one side.

The chart above displays how speaker performance in this test correlated to their prices (for more details please view our frequency response charts of our selections). To assess their ability to produce deep bass notes loudly we performed CTA-2010 bass output measurements; their results can be seen in the table below.

Our Pick: Triangle Borea BR03

Triangle Borea BR03 Speakers are our choice as the top passive bookshelf speakers.

This bookshelf speaker pair stands out with exceptional clarity, spaciousness and bass performance. Their attractive yet slightly large and boxy designs make them even more desirable.

At $349 (per pair), the Triangle Borea BR03 stands out with one of the most natural, balanced sound signatures among affordable bookshelf speakers; no subwoofer is necessary unless deep bass enthusiasts desire extra bass depth.

After hours of listening, I found the sound quality of the BR03 to be nearly flawless, even at loud volumes. Even while listening to Lil Baby’s bass-intensive “Woah”, at loud volumes without distortion or producing even barely detectable “chuffing”, and with voices sounding especially natural across midrange and treble frequencies – no noticeable flaws that detracted from music playback were apparent, as evidenced by no audible crackle from its front ports nor “chuffing”.

The bass output of the BR03 stands out, boasting an average mid-bass output of 116.4dB when measured with two speakers, easily outdistancing other picks by at least six decibels. Furthermore, its frequency response was remarkable throughout most of its audio spectrum to provide a perfectly balanced audio experience between bass, midrange, and treble frequencies.

The BR03 boasts elegant styling. Available in various finishes and color combinations to fit into different room decors (though prices will differ based on finish selection), its dimensions measure 15 inches high by 8.125 inches wide by 12.5 inches deep; yet its proportions make it less visually intrusive than some of our picks. Furthermore, this device comes equipped with an easily detachable fabric grille.

The cabinet of the BR03 features a front-facing port to prevent it from being blocked when placed against walls, and may make any audible chuffing noises more evident; however, due to such low levels being available with this product. We did not encounter this issue in testing.

Though there may be minor difficulties, they shouldn’t be the determining factors in our decision to move forward with our plans.

Triangle Borea BR03 speakers do not demonstrate any distinctive performance shortcomings that would differentiate them from any passive bookshelf speaker pair currently available on the market. Some listeners may require additional bass; to accomplish this goal, additional subwoofer or tower speakers must be purchased or installed instead.

Based on your space and design needs, the BR03 may not meet them all. If this is the case for you, perhaps something smaller or more stylized would better satisfy these needs.

Runner-up: Q Acoustics 3020i

Q Acoustics 3020i earns second place for being an elegant choice.

These speakers produce less bass than our top pick, yet are smaller and have an appealing aesthetic – we especially admire their modern design.

At just $359 from Amazon (pair), our panelists were impressed with the Q Acoustics 3020i’s combination of modern aesthetics – thanks to rounded corners and minimalist design – with above average performance, making it an attractive option for decor-minded shoppers.

Before making our switch, the 3020i set held onto our hearts for three years despite its price increasing while that of our upgrade option (formerly our first choice) decreased; its sound was almost as clear with voices as Triangle pairs but offered less bass response due to being smaller in form factor.

The 3020i sounds astonishingly clear. What stands out about its performance is its remarkable clarity and detail; our tests using Holly Cole’s rendition of “Train Song”, an audiophile favorite, demonstrated this fact: Jingling percussion instruments filled the room while subtly scraped strings made for an incredible listening experience.

Clarity can be achieved thanks to the 3020i’s subtle emphasis on cymbals and instruments in its treble range; audiophiles may find this approach engaging; however, fans of bass-heavy music may prefer larger speakers instead.

Q Acoustics’ rear-ported design prevents you from pressing these speakers against walls, which would block their ports and reduce bass output further. Although a foam plug is supplied, inserting this may further diminish bass response.

Frequency response measurements demonstrated impressive consistency throughout most audio ranges at only +-2.6 decibel variance, meaning voices and instruments sounded close to how they should. Maximum bass output from the 3020i pair averaged 108dB – 8dB less than measured output from Triangle Borea BR03 set.

These speakers boast an exquisite modern aesthetic! Each cabinet boasts an attractive vinyl wrap finish that outshines faux wood grain at this price, available in white, black, gray and walnut finishes. Furthermore, their magnetic grille can be detached for uninterrupted front appearance.

Budget Pick: JBL Stage A130

Budget Pick: JBL Stage A130 offers incredible sound at an economical price point.

Our third option comes close in performance but is much more budget-friendly; unfortunately, their styling remains generic.

Buy from Amazon The JBL Stage A130 is an ideal option for anyone who prioritizes sound quality at an economical cost without placing aesthetic considerations front and center in their speaker selection process. Playing at or slightly above normal conversation volume levels, this speaker set performs exceptionally well relative to its price point; its plain appearance restricts how loudly music can be played back compared with our more expensive offerings.

Stage A130 speakers compare favorably to more costly models when it comes to performance, as evidenced by our brand-concealed listening tests – at least equal performance was displayed from these modest volume speakers (including Q Acoustics 3020i set ). One panelist named them their favorite pair; all three applauded them for accurately reproducing all instruments and voices without overstating or underselling individual instruments or voices.

At extremely loud levels – an average of 95 decibels when playing Audrey Nuna’s “damn Right” video from one meter when played back – sound started to blare and compress, suggesting its speakers were clamping down the loud sonic peaks.

The Stage A130 provides impressive bass for its budget, producing 110.2dB from two speakers combined and boasting an impressively flat frequency response +2.1dB; we noted some midrange frequencies that may contribute to its harsh sound at higher volumes.

The Stage A130 may not impress at first glance; its finish consists of black vinyl woodgrain. Furthermore, due to its rear-ported design which could cause bass response interference when placed against walls; we advise placing these speakers on stands instead. Lastly, its grille attaches with metal pins and grommets instead of magnets like our more expensive options do when removed compared with this option.

Edifier S1000MKII powered bookshelf speakers are our top pick.

Our editors selected Edifier S1000MKII powered bookshelf speakers as their top selection.

This powered-speaker pair provides fantastic sound, looks great and comes equipped with features like Bluetooth support, bass/treble controls and a remote for ease of use.

Amazon (per pair). With an MSRP of $400 from Best Buy and an impressive MSRP of $280 (per pair), the Edifier S1000MKII speakers stand out among our tests as an impressive performer among powered speakers without external amplifiers. Boasting classic looks while providing outstanding sound quality performance, these impressive speakers impress our testing process immensely.

Edifier S1000MKII stands alone when it comes to sound quality. Our recent brand-hidden tests demonstrated this fact; three out of four listeners selected it as the top powered model while another panelist closely behind; its sound was described by three listeners as being “clean and detailed,” with people enjoying its loud yet strain-free operation; however some individuals noted a prominent treble sound which dulled drums, cymbals, and guitars while adding much-appreciated sparkle and spark.

When it came to frequency response measurements, the S1000MKII was clearly our winner with only minor variance in natural-sounding voices (up to +2 decibels deviation) and an impressive midbass output at 106.3dB for such an affordable speaker.

S1000MKII features are straightforward. Its only high-tech component is an aptX HD Bluetooth codec, providing slightly improved audio from PCs and phones equipped with this codec. Furthermore, two sets of RCA analog inputs, coaxial digital audio inputs (Toslink digital), bass/treble controls on the rear panel as well as remote control are included to complete a full system solution.

The S1000MKII system lacks some features found on competing models like the ELAC Debut ConneX DCB41. Notably, this does not feature phono input to connect a turntable, HDMI input for connecting TV, subwoofer output or external phono preamp – meaning an external preamp or one equipped with one is necessary to properly play back records. A Wi-Fi version that provides access to AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect may also be available – we are still yet to test it ourselves.

These speakers are connected by a 16-foot proprietary cable. Due to their rear-ported design, placing these against walls could alter bass response; pressing harder could exacerbate it even further. A grille attaches directly onto each speaker via steel posts on its front baffle for aesthetic enhancement without interfering with sound production.

Check Out These Incredible Products: ELAC Debut ConneX DCB41.

Notably: the ELAC Debut ConneX DCB41 powered speakers are perfect for vinyl enthusiasts.

These speakers sound incredible (despite lacking bass). Additionally, they come equipped with both a phono input for use with turntables as well as HDMI support for television usage.

Amazon currently offers $600 from their storefront. WHEN choosing an easy turntable and speaker combination, we recommend the ELAC Debut ConneX DCB41 powered speakers – which feature built-in phono preamp and other useful features – over other sub-$600 powered speaker sets we’ve tested. They work great; one provides more versatility.

Our listening panel found this small powered model from Edifier to be clear without being excessively loud; they gave this second place overall out of all powered models tested.

Our panelists were very pleased with this system’s clarity, full sound and realistic stereo imaging; however they noted an unfortunate tendency for loud volumes to distort when playing pop or hip-hop recordings containing bass-heavy songs; this meant they didn’t provide quite the punchy feeling we expected.

The DCB41 set achieved measured bass output of 101.5dB when its XBass Enhancer feature was enabled and only 100.7 dB without it; its frequency response remained nearly flat across most of its audio band with only minor variations at +-2.3 dB, meaning no instruments or voices stood out unintentionally.

At an unbeatably affordable price point, its feature set is virtually unparalleled: featuring an RCA input with an adjustable phono preamp designed specifically to work directly with any turntable; USB and optical digital audio inputs; subwoofer output support and Bluetooth compatibility make this an unrivalled audio system for turntable enthusiasts.

This powered speaker system stands out among our tests as one of only those offering an HDMI ARC input, enabling it to directly connect with TVs while its remote can manage volume settings.

It certainly looks tempting! With its eye-catching minimalist and modern design, the DCB41 set stands out among powered speaker systems as one of the most desirable powered speaker sets we have seen. Available in black, orange, blue and walnut finishes.

Here are other outstanding bookshelf speakers.

If you need an under-$50 passive speaker pair for secondary listening spaces: audio enthusiasts have long considered Dayton Audio B652 set one of the “best super-cheap speakers.” However, female vocals may sound slightly strain with these speakers.

Dayton Audio’s MK402BTX system earned high praise from our listening panel for sounding more balanced and detailed than similar $100 powered systems in this price range. Offering one 3.5mm analog input plus Bluetooth support, making this an affordable solution to bring music into a secondary room.

Audioengine HD3 powered speakers offer enjoyable full sound that has been well received during previous panel tests. Equipped with aptX HD Bluetooth support, USB digital input, front headphone output and variable-level analog output that you can use to connect subwoofers, these smaller active speakers make an excellent addition.

If you prefer more conventional-looking powered speakers: For those preferring more conventional-looking powered speakers: The Monoprice Monolith MM-5R system costs slightly more than its Edifier S1000MKII counterpart and provides comparable sound quality with enhanced bass response; additionally it comes equipped with USB digital input and mono subwoofer output allowing mono subwoofer use. Klipsch R-51PM pairs were once featured; however some panelists found them too trebly; nonetheless they remain an affordable solution providing both phono and USB inputs for easy operation for mono subwoofer use. Klipsch R-51PM pairs were once featured; however some panelists found them too trebly; nevertheless they remain an affordable solution providing convenient operation via both inputs; nonetheless these also feature both USB digital inputs to allow mono subwoofer use enabling mono subwoofer use. Klipsch R-51PM pairs were once featured but some panelists found them too trebly; nonetheless they remain an affordable solution while offering both phono and USB inputs for convenient operation for easy use allowing easy use for mono subwoofer use.

What to Expect Unfortunately, the JBL Stage A130 has been discontinued and won’t return until mid-2024. As soon as potential replacement models such as Micca RB42s, Neumi Silk 4s or NHT Super Zero 2.1s become available for testing, we plan to include them here as options later this spring.

Presently, our test panelists had high praise for Sony SS-CS5 pair listed under Competition section.

Wirecutter has performed in-depth reviews on over 100 speaker systems over time for this guide, and below are short summaries of some that have caught our eye and may be of particular interest to readers of Wirecutter. If a model doesn’t appear here, check our running list of bookshelf speakers tested instead.

Passive Speakers at their Peak: DALI Oberon 1 Outshone Triangle Borea BR03 in terms of deep bass response.

The ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2 speakers may not offer as expansive and detailed an experience as Triangle Borea BR03 models, yet now cost approximately the same amount.

Recent listening tests conducted with our panelists demonstrated their preference for Triangle Borea BR03 speakers over KEF Q150 models.

Monoprice’s Monolith Encore B6 may seem an economical choice for people on a tight budget looking for big bass sound, yet our testing revealed its near 16 inch height made high-frequency instruments such as cymbals and bells sound muffled when played back through our tests.

Our panelists were in agreement that Sony SS-CS5 headphones had sound quality comparable to that of JBL Stage A130 sets but slightly lacked clarity.

SVS Ultra Bookshelf speakers delivered room-filling bass performance; our top selection also provided superior midrange and treble performance.

Triangle Borea BR02 speakers produced brighter and trebly tones than their BR03 counterparts.

Although these Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 and 12.2 sets may seem appealing, they lacked some of the power found in our top picks.

Electrohome’s McKinley system provided ample bass for its size and price point; however, our listening tests revealed an unnatural sound which made vocalists seem as though they were singing into an empty space.

The House of Marley Get Together Duo is an intriguing concept; each speaker boasts its own rechargeable battery for use as portable speakers. Unfortunately, our tests revealed poor and coarse sound quality from these portable speakers.

The Kanto YU4 set stands out for its attractive design, phono input, and reasonable price; yet only one panelist was truly won over by its sound. Two listeners preferred its larger sibling Kanto YU6, but others weren’t as enthusiastic.

Mitchell Acoustics uStream One speakers may be wireless and lack speaker cables between them, yet both units require power supplies that must be linked together for proper operation – we were unsuccessful in doing this successfully.

All of our panelists agreed that the Q Acoustics M20 speakers had an excessively prominent midrange, leading them to sound thin and uninspiring in the treble region.

Vanatoo’s Transparent Zero speakers performed admirably; however, our panelists preferred Audioengine HD3 set (see also other bookshelf speakers we like ).

This article was edited by Adrienne Maxwell and Grant Clauser.

Brent Butterworth has been writing about audio and musical instruments at Wirecutter since 1989, serving as editor or writer on audio-focused websites and magazines such as Home Theater, Sound & Vision and SoundStage. Furthermore, Brent regularly gigs double bass in various jazz groups; his self-produced album Take2 reached number three on Roots Music Report’s jazz album chart.

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