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Chris Pontius Wife: Mae Quijada and Children, Did He Marry His Girlfriend?


Mae Quijada is her Instagram name, and she has a lot of followers because she is dating the main stuntman from the movie Jackass. People who want to learn more about the star should keep reading this text.
Chris Pontius is an American actor, performer, and stuntman who is very good at all of his jobs. He became famous after doing a stunt on the show Jackass.

Mae Quijada, Chris Pontius wife: History

Chris Pontius Wife

Her Instagram handle is @Ladyboner69. Because of this, Mae Quijada, who is married to Chris Pomtius, is a very well-known person. With the second woman he married, he had a son named Axe. Based on her Instagram bio, she probably runs the clothing line at ChrisPontius.com. It is a brand of clothes that sells everything from t-shirts to clothes for babies to socks.

In 2004, Chris married Clair Nolan, but they split up in 2013. He is now married to Mae. In 2018, they held a small wedding.

In 2019, when they had their first child, the couple posted a photo of the baby to Instagram. We think they’ve been a couple since 2011. Jerry Tremaine and his girlfriend shared a picture of them from the past at the Ryann Dunn Memorial Softball Game.

Pontius is an American stunt performer and TV star. He completed stunts on Jackass. Co-hosts Wildboyz with Steve-O. He also dresses as the devil and walks about with a “Keep God out of California” banner.

How old and rich Chris Pontius will be in 2022

He was born on July 16, 1974, which makes him 47 years old right now. He is thought to be worth $4 million as of March 2022.He has made a lot of money doing stunts. In 2000, Chris and some of his “Big Brother” co-stars created the popular MTV comedy show “Jackass.”

On the first Sunday of 2000, more than 2.4 million people watched the show. Chris is well-known for his part in the movie Jackass. There were three seasons of “Jackass,” each with 25 episodes. It was very popular.
Pontius was known as “Party Boy” or “Bunny the Lifeguard.” He wore a male pouch thong, a bow tie, or a headband, but he was always naked. Pontius was also called “Party Boy” or “Bunny the Lifeguard.”

“Playgirl Pontius” is one of his many stunts where he is completely naked. He takes pictures as if he were going to be on the next cover of Playgirl magazine.

Chris Pontius is listed on Wikipedia as a Jackasss cast member. He lives with his family and son in the U.S. city of Pasadena.On Instagram, his family shows how much they love each other, which tells us more about them.
If he checks his Instagram feed, he can see that he is in Sydney with his wife and son. They’re having a good time. Post: In it, his son Axe is feeding a giraffe.

Uncover Age and Internet Price of Chris Pontius in 2022

Chris Pontius’s wife, Mae Quijada, is well-known for her Instagram handle and reference to a stunt performer who is a big part of the Jackass series. Continue reading the article to learn more about the well-known actor and model.

Aside from that, Mae Quijada, who works with criminal Chris Pontius, has gotten a lot of attention because she works with him.

Chris Pomtius’s wife, Mae Quijada, is well-known on Instagram under the handle @Ladyboner69. He has a son named Axe with her. She is his second wife and the mother of his son.Chris Nolan married Clair Nolan in 2004, but they split up the following year.

The next year, he married Mae in a private ceremony.

The couple announced the birth of their first child, who was born in 2019, on Instagram. We think that the couple has been seeing each other since at least 2011. He and Jerry Tremaine are at the Ryann Dunn Memorial Softball Game, where they are looking at an old picture of his girlfriend.

Chris Pontius has been alive for 47 years, since he was born on July 16, 1974.As of March 2022, it is thought that the actor’s net worth is $4 million dollars.

On Wikipedia, Chris Pontius is known as a member of the Jackass solid. He lives with his family and son in Pasadena, California, where he also works as an actor.A recent photo on Instagram shows that he and his family are having a great time with their son and daughter in Sydney. His son, Axe, can be seen feeding a giraffe in the picture.

Chris Pontius’s failed marriage

Chris Pontius is known as a party boy because he dresses up in a bow tie and thong. In October 2004, in Dublin, he married his beautiful ex-wife, Claire Nolan. Claire Nolan filed for a divorce from her husband of many years, Pontius, in L.A. County Superior Court on March 16, 2011. According to a court document that TMZ got their hands on, Nolan said that they had “irreconcilable differences.” She went so far as to say that they broke up in October 2009. Pontius and his wife split up four years before their divorce was finalised in October 2013.

A Start to a New Love Life

When Pontius’s marriage ended, it did not mean the end of his love life. Even though his marriage to his ex-wife, Nolan, didn’t work out, he was able to find love with his beautiful girlfriend, Mae, whose Instagram name is ladyboner69. Rick Kosick posted a picture of Pontius and his girlfriend on Instagram in June 2012, so it looks like they have been dating for a long time. Pontius has a net worth of $12 and was dating his lover before he got divorced from his wife. Well, they don’t mind showing off their love on social networking sites at all. Pontius and his girlfriend Mae have been posting pictures of themselves on Instagram, which suggests that they are happy together.

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