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Chris ‘Spanto’ Printup: Celebrating the Life of a Fashion Pioneer


In this article, Chris “Spanto” Printup wasn’t simply an influential name in fashion; he was an inspiring force who revolutionized streetwear and left an immeasurable mark on culture. From Los Angeles streets to fashion’s highest levels, his journey is testament to his vision, creativity, and undying drive.

The Man Behind the Brand Spanto’s story is one of perseverance through hardship. Born and raised in Venice, California he experienced first-hand the harsh reality of street life that would go on to shape his aesthetic and ultimately form Born x Raised as a brand. Spanto designed clothing reflecting both his personal experiences as well as those from the community he represented; mixing social commentary with high quality apparel designs that blended social commentary into each design.

chris spanto printup car accident
chris spanto printup car accident

A Legacy of Authenticity

Spanto’s commitment to authenticity was unshakeable. He insisted on producing locally in Los Angeles, giving back to a community which had supported him, while becoming famous for its uncompromising quality and message: a voice for those often unheard.

Innovative Collaborations

Throughout his career, Spanto collaborated with numerous artists and brands that shared his philosophy of honest storytelling. Not just business ventures; his collaborations were more like partnerships that brought different cultures and narratives together in harmony.

Impact on Streetwear

Spanto’s Influence on Streetwear His influence on streetwear cannot be denied. His work elevated it beyond clothing, imbuing it with identity and meaning that was beyond clothing alone. His work challenged norms while pushing beyond what fashion could represent.


An Inspiration That Lives On While Spanto may no longer be here with us, his vision remains powerfully captivating. His brand remains an example of integrity in an industry often accused of superficiality; his life and work serve as a reminder that fashion goes beyond trends; it’s about expression, community and legacy.

Spanto’s story is one of passion and perseverance that will continue to resonate throughout fashion and culture. His impact will continue to shape fashion trends.

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