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Who Is Amira Willighagen?

Amira Willighagen, born 2004 in South Africa and moving with her family to the Netherlands in 2009, achieved fame when she won Holland’s Got Talent at 9 years old. Prior to auditioning for Holland’s Got Talent she had no professional vocal training; therefore her audition performance on television show marked her first ever public singing experience in front of an audience.

Amira Willighagen wins Holland’s Got Talent

Amira Willighagen wins Holland's Got Talent

After winning Holland’s Got Talent, Amira’s life changed drastically. She began performing at various events and shows across Holland; her videos went viral on YouTube, her debut album went platinum in Holland; Amira even performed at Carnegie Hall in New York as well as working with prominent musicians such as Andre Rieu!

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Amira Willighagen’s Vocal Style

Amira Willighagen's Vocal Style

Amira is known for her angelic voice and distinctive singing style. Specializing in classical music, Amira often performs opera arias and classical pieces. Her performances have been likened to legendary sopranos such as Maria Callas and Sarah Brightman; yet despite being just 21 years old herself, Amira’s voice boasts depth and richness rare among singers her age.

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Future Plans of Amira Willighagen

Future Plans of Amira Willighagen

Amira has ambitious plans for her future in music. She plans on continuing performing and recording, inspiring younger musicians, and using her platform to make a positive difference and raise awareness on issues like climate change and poverty.

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