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The Companion to Connections Hint


Good morning, dear connectors Welcome to today’s Connections forum where we provide and receive puzzle-solving and emotional support.

Be wary: this article contains hints and comments which could contain spoilers for today’s puzzle. Before reading further, attempt to solve Connections first before scrolling further down this article.

Submit your solve grid in the comments, and see how your score compares with that of both the editor and other participants.

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Today’s Difficulty

Each puzzle’s difficulty is determined by averaging the ratings provided by our panel of testers who are paid to solve each puzzle ahead of time so as to catch bugs, inconsistencies or any other issues with it. A higher rating means it is more difficult.

Today’s difficulty level is 2.8 out of five.

connections hint
connections hint

Need a hint?

In Connections, each category features its own difficulty level: yellow being the easiest and purple the hardest. Click or tap each level to reveal one of the words from that category.

Are You Straightforward or Tricky (Try Both!)
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