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Cops, in Slang NYT: How to Solve the Crossword Puzzle


Cops, in Slang NYT: Crossword puzzles are an engaging and rewarding pastime that test your vocabulary, general knowledge and problem-solving skills. One of the world’s most well-known and widely syndicated crosswords is The New York Times crossword, with daily distribution of over one million copies; its editor Will Shortz hosts NPR program “Puzzle Master”.

What is the clue “Cops, in slang”?

Cops, in Slang NYT
Cops, in Slang NYT

On July 22, 2020, one of the clues in the New York Times crossword puzzle was “Cops, in slang”. This four-letter word refers to colloquial terminology for police officers. Over the years it has appeared multiple times across puzzles indicating its widespread popularity within crossword communities.

How to solve the clue “Cops, in slang”?

Crossword clues can be solved using various strategies, including searching for synonyms, using wordplay, filling in blanks and checking crossings. Here are some strategies you can employ for solving the clue “Cops, in slang”.

  • Search for synonyms: A synonym is defined as any word with the same or similar meaning to another one, such as “cops” being synonymized with “police”. You can use either an online thesaurus or dictionary to search for such terms if necessary – sometimes synonyms can provide the solution in themselves, and sometimes they provide clues that lead you toward it; for instance if another slang term for police is “fuzz”, look for four-letter words that rhyme with that term as clues for an answer
  • Wordplay: Wordplay is an engaging form of word-play that involves altering sounds, meanings, or spellings of words to create humorous puns or riddles. An example would be using “cops” in this way: one meaning is that they patrol streets while the second meaning could refer to music involvement by these same police officers. You can utilize your knowledge of culture, history or trivia in finding such clues; for example if “popo” is a term associated with police from rap music you could use this as an answer –
  • Fill in the Blanks: When filling in crossword grid blanks, each needs to be filled in with letters. Depending on its position and number of blanks, clues can help narrow down potential answers – for instance if “Cops, in Slang” requires four letter words beginning with P and ending in O, you could eliminate any non-conforming options by narrowing your options further using their position and number of blanks; you could also use letters already filled in from other clues as filler letters such as P in one blank and O in another to try finding words which contain those two letters within their positions – as this helps narrowing down potential answers further!
  • Examine Crossings: Crossings are words that intersect in the crossword grid and can help confirm or reject answers. For instance, if “popo” is one of your possible answers for “Cops, in slang”, checking any words that cross with it to see if they make sense is important in making this determination; valid and matching crossers suggest it could be correct; invalid ones suggest otherwise and should be disregarded as potential wrong answers.

What is the answer to the clue “Cops, in slang”?

Use these strategies to find an answer for the clue “Cops, in slang”. The answer is **POPO**, a term derived from police siren noise that has come to be synonymous with policemen; additionally it serves as a wordplay clue as it sounds similar to “pop” or “papa”, terms often associated with fathers or authority figures. Furthermore, “popo” fits the pattern of four letter words beginning with P and ending with O, matching many crossings throughout puzzle. You can verify its answer using solutions found within sources that offer solutions to the New York Times crossword puzzle solutions provided solutions from sources that provide solutions.

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