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Cub Seventeen: The New Fandom Name for SEVENTEEN’s International Fans


Cub Seventeen: Cub Seventeen is a self-produced K-pop boy group made up of 13 members: S.coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu and Vernon form the hip-hop unit; Woozi, Jeonghan Joshua DK Seungkwan Hoshi Jun The8 Dino complete their vocal and performance unit units respectively. Debuting on May 26 2015 with their mini album 17 Carat; they have since released four studio albums, twelve EPs and three reissues since then; they are famed for their catchy songs catchy performances as well as charming personalities!

What is a Carat?

Cub Seventeen
Cub Seventeen

SEVENTEEN has adopted their official fandom name of Carat from lyrics in their debut album track “Shining Diamond”, as defined by Carats being fans that add greater shine and value to SEVENTEEN as diamonds themselves. Carats are extremely loyal supporters of SEVENTEEN; when cheering for them on they often use “Carat bong bong”, which translates directly into Korean as “Carat shining”.

What Is a Cubic

Yet another fandom name for SEVENTEEN fans worldwide who watch their YouTube series, GOING SEVENTEEN has emerged: Cubics – an allusion to cubic zirconia synthetic diamond. Cubics are semi-fans who may not fully support the group but still enjoy watching its chaotic episodes on GOING SEVENTEEN; drawn in by their humor and variety skills while possibly becoming Carats due to realizing its musical talent and visual excellence.

Why are Cubics important?

Cubics are important because they represent an opportunity for SEVENTEEN’s fanbase and popularity to expand further. GOING SEVENTEEN has garnered millions of views per episode and attracted new viewers who may not know anything about the group’s music or history; its funny and relatable personality appealed to this wider audience and increased exposure for SEVENTEEN; many Cubics became Carats after watching more content by SEVENTEEN that showcased their personalities and talents; therefore Cubics represent an integral component of SEVENTEEN fandom which may become lifelong fans supporting SEVENTEEN in perpetuity!

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