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DaBaby’s Fans and Friends React to the Death Hoax


DaBaby, the famous Charlotte rapper has become the subject of an online death hoax that is currently circulating through Tik Tok, YouTube, and Facebook. According to this fake story, DaBaby (real name Jonathan Lyndale Kirk) died either from drug overdose or shooting incidents; these claims are entirely false as DaBaby is alive and well; recently even releasing new single called “Lonely”.

DaBaby’s Fans
DaBaby’s Fans

How Did the Death Hoax Start?

This DaBaby death hoax appears to have originated with an October 2019 fake news article claiming DaBaby had been shot dead in Charlotte by someone with whom he had had an altercation, yet was quickly debunked online. Since then, several TikTok and YouTube clips claiming DaBaby is dead have surfaced online with various forms of evidence such as photoshopped images, edited audio files and fake tweets posted as “proof.” Some videos have gone viral with thousands of views and comments; creating confusion and distress among his fans and friends alike.

How Did DaBaby’s Fans and Friends React to the Death Hoax?

DaBaby’s fans and friends were quick to respond to reports of her death with support and debunk any false reports, taking to social media platforms such as Twitter to show their gratitude towards DaBaby and denounce those spreading misinformation. Here are some reactions from DaBaby’s followers and friends:

  • @dababy: is okay and thanking her supporters for all of the love and prayers. Don’t believe everything you see online; stay tuned as I work on new music for you all to listen to; #Lonely is out now.”
  • @lilwayne: “DaBaby is still very much alive. Don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise by these clowns; he is one of the genuine members in our industry. Go stream our song Lonely to show your support.”
  • @roddyricch: “DaBaby is still alive; stop playing around with his name; he is an icon and deserves respect from both himself and his family.”
  • @theestallion: “DaBaby is doing great, everyone. He’s an impressively strong and gifted individual; I am immensely proud of his efforts in overcoming his obstacles and producing outstanding music despite them all. He serves as an inspirational figure to many.”
  • @djkhaled: “DaBaby is alive and blessed. He’s a leader and visionary who always works hard and gives back to the community, as well as being my dear friend and brother – God truly is great.”
  • @iamcardib: “DaBaby is alive. He’s been through so much yet is still here, being an icon, role model, king and boss in our community. I love and support him.”
  • @dababyfan1: “DaBaby isn’t dead; he’s my favorite rapper and motivates me. A genius and legend; I adore and pray for him every day.”
  • @dababyfan2:  tweeted out “DaBaby is alive and kicking – and still my favourite rapper in the world. His music makes me smile and dance; he is my hero and icon and I stan him.”

What is DaBaby Doing Now?

DaBaby is currently focused on his music career and personal life. Recently he released “Lonely”, featuring Lil Wayne. This song explores his feelings upon learning of Glenn Johnson’s passing due to gunshot wound in 2020. DaBaby wrote this song as an emotional tribute to his brother while also reflecting on his own hardships and solitude. Additionally, DaBaby is currently working on his forthcoming album which should be available soon. DaBaby has taken part in several charitable and social causes, such as donating food and clothing to homeless individuals, supporting Black-owned businesses, and speaking out against racism and injustice. DaBaby, an esteemed rapper who has endured many trials and controversies throughout his life, but who has shown incredible resilience and perseverance to overcome them. DaBaby has won the admiration and respect of both fans and friends alike and continues to thrive and thrive today.

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