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Daniel Jones’ Girlfriend: Everything You Need to Know About Ella Bonafede


Daniel Jones of the New York Giants has been dating Ella Bonafede since their college days at Duke University. While their romance remains very discreet, we know some facts about them both that may give an idea of their romance:

Who is Ella Bonafede?

Ella Bonafede
Ella Bonafede
  • Ella Bonafede is a 25-year-old former lacrosse player who graduated with a degree in Psychology from Duke University in 2019.
  • She participated on Duke Blue Devils women’s lacrosse team as midfielder/defender, earning recognition on ACC Academic Honor Roll.
  • She hails from Garden City, New York and attended Garden City High School where she excelled as both an athlete and lacrosse player.
  • Jack, her younger brother, plays lacrosse for Georgetown University.
  • She can be found active on Instagram, with over 10,000 followers, yet her account remains private.

How did Ella Bonafede and Daniel Jones meet?

 Ella Bonafede and Daniel Jones meet
Ella Bonafede and Daniel Jones meet
  • Ella Bonafede and Daniel Jones met during their time attending Duke University (2015 to 2019).
  • Daniel played football while Ella excelled at lacrosse on Duke campus.
  • They began dating sometime between 2015 and 2018, though no exact dates or details about their relationship have been given.
  • She and he have been in relationship for more than four years, supporting one another throughout their respective professional journeys

How does Ella Bonafede support Daniel Jones?

Ella Bonafede and Daniel Jones
Ella Bonafede and Daniel Jones
  • Ella Bonafede has been Daniel Jones’ faithful and supportive girlfriend throughout his NFL journey.
  • She often attends his games and cheers him on from either the stands or from home1.
  • She posts loving messages and photos of him to Instagram on his birthdays and other milestones, sharing special love.
  • She has also joined him at various events and functions, such as the NFL Honors in 2020 and Met Gala 2021.
  • She has always been by his side when injuries or setbacks arise, such as when he experienced hamstring strain in 2020 and neck sprain in 2021.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q. What are Ella Bonafede’s occupation and duties?

A. Ella Bonafede has not disclosed her current occupation or career plans; however, according to her LinkedIn profile she interned at Morgan Stanley in 2018 and Merrill Lynch in 2019.3. It’s possible she may pursue a path in finance or psychology.

Q. Are Ella Bonafede and Daniel Jones Engaged or Married?

A. Ella Bonafede and Daniel Jones have not announced any plans to tie the knot or start a family; rather they seem more interested in focusing on their careers while enjoying each other’s company.

Q. How tall is Ella Bonafede?

A. Ella Bonafede’s height remains unknown. Judging by photos featuring her alongside Daniel Jones (6 feet 5 inches), who stands 5 feet 7 inches. Ella Bonafede could possibly stand 5 feet 7 inches.

Q. Where does Ella Bonafede reside?

A. Ella Bonafede currently resides in New York City with Daniel Jones after he was selected by the New York Giants in 2019. They currently reside in a luxury apartment located within Manhattan’s Hudson Yards neighborhood.

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