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Debra Weissmann: The Supportive Partner to a Legal Titan


In this article, Debra Weissmann stands as an example of one such individual whose support and accomplishment have played a key role in her husband, Andrew Weissmann – an acclaimed legal figure himself. Her unflagging devotion and outstanding career achievements have contributed immensely to his success and have helped make Debra an invaluable member of team Weissmann.

andrew weissmann wife
andrew weissmann wife

A Life of Service and Support

Debra Weissmann, a retired dermatologist, has led an extraordinary life. As evidenced by her medical career and work at multiple hospitals like Yale New Haven Hospital and Greenwich Hospital, Debra stands out for her dedication and service.

Balancing Career and Family

Debra has always been an anchor of strength for her family despite her demanding career. Together with Andrew they share Ben, and together have navigated the challenges associated with balancing professional and personal lives gracefully.

The Quiet Force

Debra Weissmann has been an unsung hero throughout Andrew Weissmann’s legal battles and achievements, providing constant support with her intelligence, compassion, and resilience – qualities which no doubt contributed to their shared successes.


Debra Weissmann is an example of unwavering strength and unfailing partnership. As the supportive wife to an established legal giant, she has shown how a dedicated partner often plays an equal role in one’s achievements.

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