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Dwarf Fortress Language: The Lyrics Of The Soundtrack Are Dwarvish And Slap


According to the game’s designers, Tarn Adams’ initial soundtrack consisted only of him “noodling around on the guitar.” Everyone who has played the Dwarven city builder will immediately recognize the song, but the Steam edition will also have a magnificent soundtrack that Kitfox Games and the Adams brothers have premiered in a new video.

Dwarf Fortress
Dwarf Fortress
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Simon Swerwer, who has been creating Dwarf Fortress music for more than ten years, and Omar “Dabu” Dabbous, whose work has appeared in independent games including Boyfriend Dungeon, GNOG, and Winding Worlds, composed and recorded the new Dwarf Fortress Language. Swerwer also contributed to the SoundSense tool in Dwarf Fortress’s first iteration.

The announcement is available here:

As the brothers explain, several of the songs have Dwarvish-language lyrics. They are all appropriately eerie and old sounding, making them ideal for a game about building a civilization and exploring ever-deeper reaches of the ground.

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Listen to “Food and Industry” in the video above. It’s an actual banger.

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